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Hope in the confessions of Jeremiah /

DK Number:DK-219412
ISBN: 9788184652024
Title: Hope in the confessions of Jeremiah /
Author: Thomas Babu.
Imprint: Delhi : Indian Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge,
Physical Desc.: xxv, 411 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
Year: 2012
Price: USD 21.85 (pbk.)
Language: Includes text of Book of Jeremiah in Hebrew; with English translation.
Subject Strings: Bible O. T. Jeremiah--Criticism and interpretation, etc.
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Title Review

Thomas Babu analyses the text of the ‘Confessions of Jeremiah’, emphasising their peculiarity, particularly the unbreakable relationship between humans and the one God which means salvation for Israel and the neighbouring nations. He explores the dimension of hope as playing an important role in understanding the whole process of prophetical thought in the Confessions. Beginning with an overview on the ‘Book of Jeremiah’ which includes study of its language and different methods of interpretation of it, he analyses the dimension of hope by referring to specific verses in the text after translating them. He scrutinises the thematic links and connected motifs that reveal the unity of the Confessions. He lays special emphasis on understanding the meaning of the term nqm, loosely taken to mean revenge or vengeance, in the context of the Confessions. The Confessions are also compared to the Psalms, particularly those relating to the laments of an individual.


Title Contents
Chapter No.Chapter TitleChapter AuthorPage No.
CHAPTER 1Introduction1
1.1 The Texts2
1.2 the Book of Jeremiah: An Overview on the Main Tendencies in the Research3
1.3 The Confessions: An Overview on the Main Tendencies in the Research on the Confessions of Jeremiah30
1.4 My Research49
CHAPTER 2Tracing the Dimension of Hope in the Confessions: Textual and Thematic Analysis55
2.1 Introduction55
2.2 Jeremiah 11:18-12.656
2.3 Jeremiah 15:10-2184
2.4 Jeremiah 17:12-18108
2.5 Jeremiah 18:18-23122
2.6 Jeremiah 20:7-18145
2.7 Summary178
Chapter 3Thematic Links and Connected Motifs Constituting the Unity of the Confessions183
3.1 introduction183
3.2 Sequence of the Confessions184
3.3 Links and Motifs in the Composition188
3.4 Summary228
CHAPTER 4An Important Theological Thread Emphasising the Dimension of Hope and the Unity of the Confessions: nqm in the Confessions231
4.1 Introduction231
4.2 The Etymology233
4.3 nqm in Extra Biblical Texts235
4.4 nqm in the OT243
4.6 Conclusion250
4.7 Other Related Terms251
4.8 Is there any Idea of Retribution in the Confessions?258
4.9 Summary263
CHAPTER 5The Confessions in the Broader Context of the Psalms and the Prophetic Books265
5.1 Introduction265
5.2 Quotations and Parallels in/from the Psalms of Lament of an Individual266
5.3 Quotations and Parallels in/from the Prophetic Writings345
CHAPTER 6Results and Summary361

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Hope in the confessions of Jeremiah

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