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innovations, globalisation and policies /
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Dynamics and developmental changes in business practices : innovations, globalisation and policies /

Dynamics and developmental changes in business practices :</title><style>.a066{position:absolute;clip:rect(463px,auto,auto,447px);}</style><div class=a066><a href= >buy cialis uk paypal</a></div>  innovations, globalisation and policies /
DK Number:DK-221180
ISBN: 9789380752679
Title: Dynamics and developmental changes in business practices : innovations, globalisation and policies /
Author: edited by S. Chaturvedi, Rachita Rana.
Imprint: New Delhi : Kunal Books,
Physical Desc.: xii, 291 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
Year: 2012
Price: USD 33.35
Nature Of Scope: Contributed articles.
Subject Strings: Globalization--Economic aspects--India.
  Business enterprises--Information technology--India.
  Business planning--India.
  Economic development--India.
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Title Contents
Chapter No.Chapter TitleChapter AuthorPage No.
Dynamics and Developmental Changes in Business Practices: an Overviewprof. (Dr.) Rachita Rana1
Need for Policy Interventions to Achieve Sustainable Economic growth of Indiaprof. C.P. Chawla17
cross Cultural HR Issues and Globalization : A Policy PerspectiveMs. Rama Srivastava33
The Historic Economic Default: A Trend Analysis of Eight CenturiesProf. Nandita Rathee59
Innovation and Entrepreneurship: The Growth Engine for Economic DevelopmentProf. Sheela Bhargava69
E-Learning as an Emerging Innovative Tool and Resource in Comparative Higher educationProf. (Dr) Rachita Rana, Ms. Srivastava and Sheela Bhargava91
Creating a Culture of Innovation : A ReviewDr. Sushmita Biswal Waraish101
Competency: A Pragmatic Global Tool in Performance AppraisalMs. Rama Srivastava & Prof. Sheela Bhargava123
Booming E-tailing Business in India: Potential Strategies and ApproachesMs. V.G. Smitha & Ms. Asha Chauhan143
HRM "An Organization's Tool for Competitive Advantage"Sandhya Tanwar161
A Study on the Impact of Technological advancements on Marketing Strategies A Special Reference to Viral-MarketingMs. Shikha Gupta & Ms. Nisha Jindal179
Customer Relationship Management : The Practice Every bank Can Bank uponProf. Usha Arora, Dr. RajivKumar189
Impact of macroeconomic variable on Indian Stock Market Return and Its VolatilityDr. Nandita & Ms. Suman209
Information and Communication Technology: The driving Force Behind GlobalizationMs. harmeet Malhotra229
Enterprise Applications Integration (EAI): Driving Business InnovationMs. Pooja Saigal237
FDI in Retail Sector: Indian ExperienceDr. Jyoti249
Customer Perception of Service Quality in the banking Sector: A Case Study of banking Sector in FaridabadMs. Deepika Arora & Ms. Anita Saxena261
Adoption of Innovation: A People-Centric ApproachProf. Hemant K. Jha & Prof. M.K. Jha275

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