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Felicitas : essays in numismatics, epigraphy and history in honour of Joe Cribb /

Felicitas :  essays in numismatics, epigraphy and history in honour of Joe Cribb /
DK Number:DK-217221
ISBN: 8189752081
Title: Felicitas : essays in numismatics, epigraphy and history in honour of Joe Cribb /
Author: editors, Shailendra Bhandare, Sanjay Garg.
Imprint: Mumbai : Reesha Books International,
Physical Desc.: 500 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 28 cm.
Year: 2011
Price: USD 61.90
Summary: Joe Cribb, British museologist; contributed articles.
Subject Strings: Numismatics--India.
  Inscriptions, Indic.
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Title Review

Joe Cribb, whom Felicitas seeks to honour, needs no introduction to any enthusiast of coins and paper money of Asia, specially of the Indian subcontinent. As a curator of South Asians Coins in the Department of Coins and Medals in the British Museum, and lately the Keeper of this department, Joe has had a ‘hand’ in a variety of numismatic activities.” Starting with Chinese coins, Joe moved to many other themes and subjects within the broader range of ‘Oriental’ numismatics and history, making invaluable contributions to highly controversial subject areas, like the inception of coinage in the Indian subcontinent and the chronological questions facing complex coinages in Central Asia. Significantly, Joe Cribb’s academic interests not just centre around the broad theme of ‘Money’, which encompasses numismatics, but also go much beyond.

Covering a vast time and space, the essays here deal with the most ancient of the sub-continental coinages as well as those that deal with the most modern and conventional forms of money, like banknotes. Among other specificities, the essays explore socio-historical themes associated with coinage, study iconography through coins, examine royal as well as religious coins icons seen on Kushan coins, offer fresh interpretation of the ‘Lion Pillar’ inscription from Mathura, and highlight the role/utility of coins in historical reconstruction from a conceptual perspective, analyzing the deployment of coins to underline archaeological and historical periods. Several other themes examined here include minting technology in Mughal India, pagoda coins of South East India, Kuninda and Kota coins of the Punjab, or how coins were used as a tool of diplomacy in the colonial India.

Shailendra Bhandare works as Assistant Keeper at the Heberden Coin Room, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. He is also a member of faculty of Oriental Studies at the University of Oxford. Dr Sanjay Garg is the editor of Numismatic Digest – the research journal of the Indian Institute of Research in Numismatic Studies.


Title Contents
Chapter No.Chapter TitleChapter AuthorPage No.
i Editorial5
ii. Joseph Edmond Cribb: Curriculum Vitae9
iii. Joe Cribb: a Eulo-joe-yAndrew Burnett25
iv Many Faces of Joe29
Coinage, Prestige and Identity: From Rome to Persepolis and ChinaMichael Alram35
Linking the Past: Overstruck Coins and the Chronology of the SatavahanasShailendra Bhandare53
Kankali Tila and Kushan ChronologyRobert Bracey65
Fascination with the Past: Ancient Persia on the Coins and Banknotes of IranVesta Sarkhosh Curtis81
Reinterpretation of a Samatata Coin - The First Numismatic Depiction of Bodhisattva ManjushriJohn S. Deyell101
A hoard of punch-marked coins from Mathura(?)Elizabeth Errington109
Ten thoughts on the Mathura Lion capital reliquaryHarry Falk121
Looking For Tyche: On the Tracks of a Syncretism from Greece to GandharaChristine Frohlich143
The Raj and the Rajas: a Tale of Numismatic DiplomacySanjay Garg155
Minting Technology in Mughal IndiaNajaf Haider175
Aspects of Human Society from the earliest Punch-marked Coinages of the Indian SubcontinentTerry Hardaker203
Coins and Commerce in Bihar in Seventeenth Century: Some ReflectionsSyed Ejaz Hussain223
A Review of the Pagoda Coins of South East India during the Nayaka and Early Colonial PeriodBarbara Mears239
Harasri: A New King of Ancient AlmoraWilfried Pieper301
Coins as History: Kuninda and Kota coins of PunjabHimanshu Prabha Ray309
The Coinage of Samudra PasaiNicholas Rhodes & Vasilijs Mihailovs327
History of the Coin Collection of the Bengal Sultans in the British MuseumSutapa Sinha347
John Prinsep's Copper CoinagePaul Stevens365
The Crowns of Kanishka's Bronze Coins and Some Additional Shiva Images on Kushan CoinsPankaj Tandon387
Onomastic, Title and Chronology of the Turgesh KaghansFrancois Thierry401
Famous and Not-so-famous People Associated with the Royal Asiatic SocietyHelen Wang413
Colour Plates493

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Felicitas essays in numismatics epigraphy and history in honour of Joe Cribb

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