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Acoustic waves : proceedings of National Symposium on Acoustics, 17th-19th November 2011 /

Acoustic waves :  proceedings of National Symposium on Acoustics, 17th-19th November 2011 /
DK Number:DK-222024
ISBN: 9788183294416
Title: Acoustic waves : proceedings of National Symposium on Acoustics, 17th-19th November 2011 /
Author: editors, S.K. Shrivastava, Kailash, K. Chaturvedi.
Imprint: New Delhi : Shree Publishers & Distributors,
Physical Desc.: xix, 476 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
Year: 2012
Price: USD 54.55
Subject Strings: Sound-waves--Congresses.
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Title Contents
Chapter No.Chapter TitleChapter AuthorPage No.
1Speech Rhythm in Kannada Speaking ChildrenSavithri S R1
2Sound Insulation Performance of Double Leaf structuresMahavir Singh15
3Active Noise ControlN K Narayanan25
4Study of Thermo dynamical Properties of Poly in Polar solventsA V Paulin Edwidge44
5Non-Linear Study on Binary Liquid Mixture of Dmso+ BenzaldehydeA J Clement Lourduraj51
6sound Transmission Loss of a New Designed Lightweight PartitionMahavir singh62
7An OverviewBansidhar Gouda78
8Lattice Dynamic Study of Triglycine Sulphate Crystal and Triglycine SelenateAshish Nautiyal88
9Processing of Tabla Strokes by Wavelet analysisA Patranabis101
10Crucial role of NDT in Present ScenarioS K Shrivastava113
11Acoustic Dielectric and thermodynamic studies of Alcoholic electrolyte solution of Cadmium & CopperT Guruvardhan121
12Acoustic Thermodynamic Electrochemical and Dielectric Studies in Eigen and Tamm Mechanism of Ion ParisT Gunavardhan132
13Viscosity Study of the Solution of Polyvinylidene Fluoride in Polar solventA Inigo Mary Rita145
14Thermodynamic and Spectroscopic Investigation of L Arginine Methy Ester Di HydrochlorideJasmine Vasantha Rani153
15Thermodynamic Study on Binary Mixture of Dmso+BenzaldehydeA J Clement163
16Vibration analysis of Bent Pipes Using FEMG T K Manohar171
17Acoustic Ecology and BiodiversityM K Verma179
18Acoustic Source Characterization of the Exhaust and Intake system of Single Cylinder I C EngineKrishan Kant186
18Acoustic Source Characterization of the Exhaust and Intake system of single Cylinder I C EngineKrishna Kant186
19A novel Experimental Method for Flow noise Measurement of Small DiameterKiran Govind196
20Noise PollutionS K Shrivastava206
21Capturing the Essence of Raga From Hindustani SingingA K Datta220
22Wavelet Hybrid Features for Malayalam C V Speech Unit RecognitionT M Thasleema229
23An Acoustic Study of Consonants and Consonant Vowel Transition of Garhwali Hindi Speech DatabaseM K Riyal238
24Bimodalviseme Recognition from Hindi SpeechPriyanka Varshney245
25Acoustical Studies on Molecular Interaction in Polyvinyl chloride SolutionPriyanka Tabhane254
26An Analysis of Starting Fields used in Parabolic Equation MethodsR P Raju262
27A Note on the Underwater Sound Scattering by Sea SurfaceR P Raju270
28Studies on Construction Equipment NoiseR Kalai Selvi278
29Acoustical Studies on Polysaccharide with Aqueous a Amylases Nithiyananthan287
30Anharmonic Behaviour of Rudidium HalidesS K Shrivastava298
31Spectral characteristics of Traffic Noise Attenuation by Tree BeltsMadhumita Banerjee Lahiri306
32Control of SAideways Propagating Acoustic Noise from Radio Acoustic Sounding SystemT V Chandrasekhar315
33Thickness Measurement in Metals using UltrasonicsS K Shrivastava323
34A Statistical Analysis of Raga BhairaviSwaring Tewari329
35Generalized Asymptotic Expansions for the Wave numbers in Infinite Flexible Circular Cylindrical Shells in the Intermediate Frequency RangesVijay Praksh337
36Comparison of Coupling Loss Factors for Line Connected and Point Connected SystemV H Patil346
37Present Status and Future Direction of Ultrasonic TestingS K Shrivastava354
38Acoustical Studies on the Ternary Mixture of Benzene+chlorofom+Cyclohexane Liquid MixtureV Vanathi366
39A Comparative Study of Primary School Teachers Vocal Load with and without Voice AmplificationR Rajasudhakar375
40Effect of Voicing on Voice Onset Time for Garhwali Hindi Speech DatabaseR K Upadhyay386
41A Case Study on the change in the Shape and Spectrum of an Underwater SignalP Balasubramanian392
42Unified Dispersion Characteristics of Structural Acoustic WaveguidesAbhijit Sarkar402
43A Study of Acoustic and Infrared Spectral analysis of L Arginine Monohydrochloride in Non Aqueous MediumJasmine Vasantha Rani410
44Flow Acoustic analysis of Commercial Automotive Mufflers Matrizant ApproachBhushan Singh418
45Density and Viscosity of Solvated Part for the Polymer Solution of Poly in ButanolA V Paulin Edwidge Mary426
46Acoustic Sensor Technology for Torpedo applicationsK Trinath433
47Acoustic Emission Technique for characterization of Nuclear Reactor MaterialsS V Ranganayakulu446
48Characterization of NanomaterialsKailash462

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Acoustic waves proceedings of National Symposium on Acoustics 17th 19th November 2011

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