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The fine art of Sri Lankan cuisine : clay pot style & other methods /

The fine art of Sri Lankan cuisine :  clay pot style & other methods /
DK Number:DKSLK-276
ISBN: 9789551266745
Title: The fine art of Sri Lankan cuisine : clay pot style & other methods /
Author: by Disna Weerasinghe and Anula Ranaweera.
Imprint: Colombo : Vijitha Yapa Publications,
Physical Desc.: xxiii, 108 p. : col. ill. ; 25 cm.
Year: 2011 (Reprint)
Price: USD 67.25 (pbk.)
Subject Strings: Cookery, Sri Lankan.
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Title Contents
Chapter No.Chapter TitleChapter AuthorPage No.
Kola Kanda
Curry-leaf gruel (Karapincha kanda)3
Indian pennywort Gruel (Gotukola Kanda)4
Onion (Rathu loonu) soup7
Lentil (Parippu) soup8
Mixed vegetable (elavalu) Soup9
Cabbage (Gova) soup9
Tomato (Takkali) Soup10
Potato (Ala) Soup10
Shrimp (Isso) Soup11
Beef-bone (mas-katu) Soup12
Fish cutlets15
"Gold" Fish16
Sri Lankan rolls18
Meat buns (mas paan)20
Fried smelts (Badapu malu) in a bread bowl22
Filled tomatoes (Puravapu Takkali)23
Homemade chili (miris) Sauce24
Rice dishes
Plain rice (Buth)27
Fried rice Sri Lankan style (Temparadu Buth)28
Pebble rice (Pabalu Buth30
Roasted garlic chicken rice (sudu loonu-kukul mas buth)31
Ground pork rice Ooru Mas Buth)32
Chicken and pineapple rice (kukul mas-annasi Buth)33
Yellow rice (Kaha Buth)34
Lamprais (Or lampries)35
Milk rice (Kiri buth)36
Sweet milk rice (Imbul kiri buth)37
String hoppers biryani (indiappa-biryani)38
Eggs & poultry
Egg curry (Bittara Vanjanaya)41
Curried egg pudding (bittara Uyala42
Sri Lankan Omelet42
Simple egg salad (Bittara Salaada)42
Chicken curry (Kukul mas Vanjnaya)43
Chicken curry with fried eggplant (Kukul mass-vambatu vanjanaya)44
Meat dishes
Mutton curry (Elu mas Vanjanaya)47
Pork curry (Ooru mas vanjanaya)48
Lamb curry (Batalu mas Vanjanaya)49
Beef cutty (Harak Mas Vanjanaya)50
Beef (Harak Mas) Stew51
Fish & Shellfish
Savory fish curry (malu ambul thiyal)55
Fiery hot curried fish (malu mirisata uyala)56
Mild fish curry (malu kirata uyala)57
Fish and potatoes (Malu-Ala) stew58
Tuna stir-fry (Kelawalla badum)58
Crab curry and moringa (Kakuluwo-murunga vanjanaya)59
Shrimp curry (Isso vanjanaya)60
Shrimp stir-fry (Isso badum)61
Curried squids (Dallo uyala)62
Vegetarian dishes
Curried eggplant (Vambatu Uyala)65
Filled eggplant (Puravapu Vambatu)66
Eggplant with mushrooms (Vambatu-hatu maluwa)67
Eggplants with cashews (Vambatu-kaju maluwa)68
Eggplants with Indian pennywort & cashews (Vambatu-gotukola-kaju badum)69
Eggplant (vambattu) Moju70
Roasted vegetables (Kola Mallum)
Roasted eggplants (Vambatu Mallum)73
Roasted cabbage (Gova Mallum)74
Roasted Kale (Kale Mallum)74
Roasted Broccoli (Broccoli Mallum)75
Red Lentil Curry (Parippu vanjanaya)76
Red lentil stir-fry (parippu temparadu)77
Potato curry (Ala vanjanaya)78
Fried potatoes (Ala th'el dala)79
Curried tofu (Tofu uyala)80
Stir-fry okra (Bandakka Badum)8
Curried soy meat (Soya mas Uyala)82
Capsicums filled with fried onions (Puravapu malu miris)83
Green chili (amu Miris) Sambol87
Koonisso sambol (Blachun)88
Meat (Mas) Seeni sambol89
Coconut (Pol) sambol90
Fried coconut sambol (pol mallum)90
Yellow coconut sambol (Pol mallum)91
Curry-leaf (karapincha) sambol92
Parsley sambol (Minchi)92
Katta sambol (Lunu Miris)92
Fresh vegetable salads (Salaada)
Snake gourd salad (Pathola salaada)95
Carrot salad (Carrot salaada)96
Beetroot salad beetroot salaada)97
Eggplant salad (Vambatu salaada)98
Apple, tomato and egg salad (Apple-Takkali-Bittara salaada)99
Parsley salad (Minchi salaada)100
Chutneys & Pickles
Jaggery pickle (Hakuru Achcharu)103
Pickled "Dry-fish" (Karawala achcharu)104
Mustard pickle (aba achcharu)105
Sri Lankan pickle (Lanka Achcharu)106
Salty-savory pickled lime (Lunudehi)107
Lunudehi sambol method I108
Lanudehi sambol method II108
Salty-savory pickled lime chutney109
Tomato Chutney110
Mango (Amba) Chutney111

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The fine art of Sri Lankan cuisine clay pot style & other methods

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