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Bioenergy in 21st century /

Bioenergy in 21st century /
DK Number:DK-219180
ISBN: 8183212530
Title: Bioenergy in 21st century /
Author: editors, S.R. Kalbande, C.N. Gangde.
Imprint: Udaipur : Agrotech Pub. Academy,
Physical Desc.: 464 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
Year: 2012
Price: USD 63.50
Summary: Lecture notes delivered at a winter school held at Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth.
Subject Strings: Biomass energy--Congresses.
  Biomass energy--India--Congresses.
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Title Review

With a view to update the knowledge of junior scientists and concerned teachers about the latest advancements in the area of biomass conservation and utilisation for sustainable energy development, a Winter School was organised at Dr. P.D.Krishi Vidyapeeth, Akola, India. Senior scientists and experts from all over the country delivered invited lectures on various aspects of the subject, including the Indian experiences and R&D work. Present publication compiles the full and illustrated text of all the 46 lectures covering areas such as biomethanation, biogasification, briquetting, electricity generation using biomass, qualitative aspects of biomass fuel, mathematical modeling in energy conversion, energy saving in biomass production, IPR concerns and issues in biomass, and the present & future of biofuels in India. No doubt, the compilation forms a highly useful reference source for the concerned scholars and professionals.


Title Contents
Chapter No.Chapter TitleChapter AuthorPage No.
About the Book11
About the Editors12
Bio-fuels: Status and PossibilitiesDr. Pitam Chandra13
Energy Scenario in AgricultureS.R. Kalbande21
Rural Based bioenergy technologies for Sustainable Energy developmentDr. C.N.Gangde37
Biomass energy conversion techniques for domestic use : Theory and PracticeS.R. Gadge55
Energy Plantation: alternative source for rural energyDr. J.S. Zope67
Agro-Processing residue : Challenges and OpportunitiesDr. P.M. Nimkar72
Ethanol Production from biomassDr. I.L. Pardeshi78
Recycling of Agricultural and Municipal solid waste through organic manure interventionDr. Y.B. Taide93
Design Considerations for open top gasifier for thermal applicationDr. A.G. Mohod,99
Quantification and assessment techniques for biomass fuelDr. A.G. Mohod104
Biogas based power generationA.K. Kamble114
Advance Machinery for crop residue ManagementA.V. Gajakos124
Energy management in fruits and Vegetable processingP.H. Bakane143
Integration of biomass power generation system to utilityDr. V.N. Madansure154
Carbon Crediting and strategies to avail carbon CreditUmesh Pagrut165
Biomass characteristics vs System Performance in gasifier based energy generation systemS.R. Kalbande171
Potential and scope for energy generation from livestock wasteDr. A.B. Deshmukh184
Basic Instrumentation for testing of renewable energy gadgetsN.D. Korpe198
Biomass for energy in forest products industry: Theory and practiceDr. A.U. Nimkar204
Advances in biogas plant designs for sustainable energy developmentDr. T.K. Bhattacharya210
Decentralized power generation using biogas for rural applicationDr. T.K. Bhattacharya226
Utilization of forest residue for charring and briquette making: Theory & PracticeDr. H.K. Deshmukh234
Briquetting of crop residues for gasificationEr. S.N. Singh237
High efficiency biomass combustor cum hot air generatorEr. S.N. Singh247
Geographical Information System for biomass assessmentDr. G.U. Satpute253
Ergonomics related to biomass conversion machineriesMrs. M.M. Deshmukh262
Solar Pumping: solution for protected irrigation in energy Crisis:Er. Devdatta Gokhale269
Utilization of rice husk as a fuelDr. P.M. Nimkar279
Biofuel : An economic and environmental issuesDr. B.N. Ganvir284
Modified biogas plant technology for compatible use as a fuel in rural areaS.R. Gadge300
Advances in Biomass Conversion systemsV.P. Khambalkar311
Advances in liquid bio-energy for sustainable energy developmentDr.P. Venkatachalam336
Development of gasification technology suitable for agro-residue briquettesDr. P. Venkatachalam341
Waste utilization and Management in processing industriesDr. Vinod Raut349
Woody biomass based power generation system : Theory and practiceS.R. Kalbande356
Biomass utilization in agriculture for energy conservationDr. V.K. Kharche370
Advances in agronomical practices for agro residue productionDr. V.M. Bhale376
Enhancement of biomass production using micro irrigation systemsDr. S.B. Wadatkar388
Control and Measures of energy savings in pumping systems used for biomass productionDr. M.M. Deshmukh392
Environmental aspects of bioenergy production and developmentDr. S.S. Wanjari402
Planning and Management of watershed for biomass productionDr. S.M. Taley411
Engineering aspects of biomass production in dryland agriculture: Theory and PracticeDr. M.B. Nagdeve423
Energy conservation in irrigation systemDr. S.S. Hiwase430
Intellectual Property RightsDr. S.J. Kakade434
Mathematical modeling in energy conversion systemK.J. Shinde443
Advance farm machinery for bio energy development: Theory and practiceDr. S.H. Thakare450

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Bioenergy in 21st century

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