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Vijnana-sarathih = Vijnana-sarathih : proceedings of the National Seminar on Science and Technology in Sanskrit Sastraic Traditions, held on 1-3 Sept., 2005 /

Vijnana-sarathih =  Vijnana-sarathih : proceedings of the National Seminar on Science and Technology in Sanskrit Sastraic Traditions, held on 1-3 Sept., 2005 /
DK Number:DK-168341
ISBN: 8171102875
Title: Vijnana-sarathih = Vijnana-sarathih : proceedings of the National Seminar on Science and Technology in Sanskrit Sastraic Traditions, held on 1-3 Sept., 2005 /
Author: chief editor, Vijaya Rani ; organised by Department of Sanskrit, Pali & Prakrit.
Edition: 1st ed.
Imprint: Delhi : Parimal Publications,
Physical Desc.: xi, 363 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
Year: 2006
Price: USD 25.75
Language: English, Hindi and Sanskrit (Sanskrit in Devanagari and roman)
Volume Title: section 1. Aeronautics and metallurgy -- section 2. Computer science and mathematics -- section 3. Physics and electronics -- section 4. Medical science and genetics -- section 5. Different healing therapies in Sanskrit sastrais -- section 6. Agricultur
Subject Strings: Science in literature.
  Technology in literature.
  Vedic literature--History and criticism.
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Title Review

The said National Seminar aimed at exploring the origin and development of science and technology in ancient India and its documentation in the Sanskrit literature. A cross-section of eminent scientists from different disciplines of modern science and scholars and researchers from the fields of Indology and Sanskrit literature presented their research-oriented papers, at the event. This proceedings volume incorporates the full text of 40 of these presentations (in English, Hindi and Sanskrit languages), which bring out the progress made in areas like aeronautics, metallurgy, mathematics, physics, electronics, medical science and genetics and agricultural science in the ancient India -- based on an in-depth survey of the contemporary Sanskrit works.


Title Contents
Chapter No.Chapter TitleChapter AuthorPage No.
Section I -- Aeronautics and Metallurgy1-44
1Aeronautics in SanskritSCR Prabhu3
2Metallurgy as envisaged in Sanskrit texts with special reference to Arthasastra, Manusmriti and VimanasastraDr. PK Mishra14
3Metallurgy in Sanskrit Shastric literatureDr. VK Didolkar & MK Kawadkar31
4Technical science in SanskritProf. Rajendra Mishra36
Section II -- Computer Science and Mathematics45-62
1This chapter is in Sanskrit47
2Development of mathematics in ancient IndiaProf. BS Rajput51
Section III -- Physics and Electronics63-142
1Quantum physics and its classical ancient Indian counterpartProf. BS Rajput65
2Quantum teleportation: A Vedic viewDr. SP Gupta75
3The origin and development of technology (electronics) in Vedic literatureDr. VK Didolkar & MK Kawadkar88
4Few non-attended topics of physics in Sanskrit sastraic traditions such as the proton, deuteron & neutronDr. NG Dongre98
5Universal gravitational force as found in Vaidika literatureDr. Vijaya Rani107
6Weather forecast in ancient IndiaDr. Ravi Prakash Arya114
7Propagation of sound in the past and presentDr. VK Goyal136
Section IV -- Medical Science and Genetics143-198
1Some aspects of medical science in the Indian ShastrasDr. PV Vartak145
2Identification on TridosaDr. NG Dongre163
3Genetics in the metaphoresDr. CP Trivedi170
4This chapter is in Hindi177
5This chapter is in Sanskrit188
6This chapter is in Sanskrit193
Section V -- Different Heating Therapies in Sanskrit Sastrais201-269
1Ayurvedic approach to mental illnessDr. JLN Shastri203
2Mansa Roga: A connecting link between Ayurveda & YogaDr. Aayam Gupta208
3Indian origin of Reiki and Pranic healingDr. MC Bhartiya221
4Tantra as science of mental healingDr. HS Sinha225
5This chapter is in Hindi230
6This chapter is in Hindi244
7This chapter is in Sanskrit252
8This chapter is in Hindi255
9This chapter is in Hindi259
Section IV -- Agriculture Science Miscellaneous271-296
1Agriculture in Sanskrit SastrasDr. Deepak Deshpande273
2This chapter is in Hindi284
3This chapter is in Hindi291
Section VII -- Miscellaneous297-360
1Buddhist concept of basic material element: A scientific critiqueDr. Narasingha Charan Panda299
2The Sukla Yajurveda and scienceDr. ML Wadekar307
3Ethics and religion: Scientific perspectiveDr. Vibha Agrawal, Dr. Ashok Agrawal, Vipin Parkash and Sapana Sharma314
4Growth of science as evidenced by archaeological excavations in IndiaRajesh Purohit318
5Archeological evidence of Vedic ostrich-DadhikravanPV Holay325
6Science of mind and conscious elements understanding the Samkhya-Yoga viewDr. SM Mishra332
7This chapter is in Hindi341
8Psychology in the Rigveda SamhitaProf. Ranvir Singh352
9This chapter is in Sanskrit357

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Vijnana sarathih = Vijnana sarathih proceedings of the National Seminar on Science and Technology in Sanskrit Sastraic Traditions held on 1 3 Sept. 2005

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