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Services to Public Libraries for South Asian Material


We enable libraries to purchase material in different INDIC languages without any hassles.


  1. Who we are

  2. Our role

  3. Books and Magazines

  4. Cataloguing  &  MARC 21  records (Also in Original Scripts)

  5. Records With Original Script (In Tag 880)

  6. MBI  Stickers

  7. Binding

  8. Retro-con Services

  9. Bibliographic Media / Email

  10. How  to  place  an  order

  11. Invoicing/Shipment

  12. How to make payments

  13. Customer Testimonials

  14. Contact Details


Who we are

With a modest beginning in 1968 as promoters of indigenous publications in English we have gone on to take a leap forward  without ever looking back.  Today, we are among the top-ranking service organizations in India, working with a global clientele comprising of scholars, book-lovers and academic, national and public libraries.



 Our role

For her vast area sprawl and cultural, ethnic and linguistic pluralities, India is oft-times called a subcontinent.  Over the years, her publishing industry has become giant, producing every year several thousand books/ periodicals in English and other national/regional languages.  Here, in a challenging situation like this, surfaces our essential role  because, we, at DK, with our amazing resourcefulness, can locate all the items relevant to small as well as major library collections.



 Books and Magazines

Having initiated with the promotion of English language publications from India on all subjects, DK soon started offering its services for Sanskrit and Tibetan language books.  And looking at the continuous interest of customers the world-over, we, at DK, added to our service parameters all the major Indian languages towards the end of the last century.  We now receive every year over 25,000 books of South Asian origin in the following languages:

Assamese             Nepali
Bengali    (From India and Bangladesh) Oriya
English                     Panjabi (Punjabi)
Gujarati Sanskrit
Hindi Tamil
Kannada Telugu
Malayalam Tibetan
Marathi   Urdu    (From India and Pakistan)

These books, including those meant for children, are systematically catalogued by us and offered to the relevant customers.

All magazines and periodicals published from India in the languages listed above are available for subscription through us.  In the case of periodicals (except newspapers), we receive the issues at our end and re-mail those in packaging that can withstand intercontinental handling and at the same time ensuring that the librarians do not have to bother about raising claims, as we would have already done that, should the need arise.


Cataloguing  &  MARC 21  records

Each new book received at DK, in any language, is catalogued by professional librarian as per AACR-2R (Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, 2nd revised edition) with Library of Congress Subject Headings and Dewey Decimal Classification and MARC 21 records created therefore. 

These records are supplied to each of DK's customers either electronically or in print format, as the customer concerned may prefer. 

All the offers and book-lists are generated using the same database, which ensures credibility of the bibliographic details of offered items.

Click here to download Sample Marc Records


Records With Original Script (In Tag 880)

The technical team at DK did a lot of research which has helped us in making available MARC records with the original scripts in tag 880 in all these major Indian/South Asian languages.  Our software has the ability to convert the Romanized text (as per ALA/LC Romanization Tables) into the respective original script (in Unicode). The records with tag 880 are very useful for public libraries since the users can look at them in their native languages as well as search using the original script (if typing is feasible in the said script).

For using these records, the library just needs to make sure that their library management software supports UTF-8 character set/Unicode


Minimal Bibliographic Information (MBI)  Stickers

Each book supplied by DK carries a cost free MBI sticker in Romanized form for easy handling of books by library staff not knowing the relevant script/language.



Many books that are published in regional languages require rebinding before those can be pub on the shelves. In such a situation, DK offer to rebind them before supplying to libraries. This saves libraries much time and resources.


Retro-con Services

Often libraries hold some books in South Asian languages that were received as donations or even purchases, but are reflected poorly (or not at all) on their catalogue databases. DK offer to provide MARC 21 records for such materials. Please ask for more details, if you would like your collection to be retrospectively catalogued.


Bibliographic Media

Besides bringing out several kinds of booklists and catalogues for English language titles, DK also compile lists of books in each of the major Indian languages at regular intervals and mail those to customers worldwide. These bibliographic media, which are derivatives of the MARC records created by the cataloguing division of DK, carry essential book-info together with a number allocated to each new title at DK at the time of cataloguing. This unique DK Number is used as a reference number for correspondence with us while ordering or enquiring for any item. Libraries, institutions and individuals can subscribe to any of the media and that too just for asking. We can send you email containing the book information on subjects of your interest.


How to place an order

Libraries can opt for any of the following possible ordering methods:

  • Specific book-orders: Orders for specific titles, whether listed or not listed in DK's bibliographic media, are welcome. For those from our catalogues/book-lists, the customers may give a reference of the relevant catalogue/list together with the serial number of the item or the DK number or the ISBN. Alternatively, the order may include usual details, such as author, title, publisher, ISBN and the like.

    We also accept orders in BISAC (through Email), slip and list formats. Customers using any other automated ordering systems may write to us.

  • Specific authors: Especially in the case of language materials, some customers choose to acquire publications by some particular authors/literary personalities known for their writings. We, at DK, try to comprehensively handle such requests.

  • Budget based/Blanket Orders: Backed by a team of professional librarians as we are, several libraries depend on the selection expertise of our staff.  All that the libraries need to inform us in such a situation is:

  • Budget for each language

  • Percentage allocation for children's materials

  • Percentage to be spent on fiction and non-fiction works, with subjects specifically required in non-fiction

  • Preference in respect of split shipment or together

  • Any delivery deadline

Based on the details received, our selection team will supply the relevant items. DK will keep a record of such supplies to a library and ensure that no item is duplicated when handling such selections and orders every ensuing year.



At DK, we draw our invoices in US Dollars, Australian Dollars, Euros or British Pounds and as may be preferred by a customer.

Depending on how fast a customer wishes to receive the material, we choose to supply the same in the most economical way.

EMS Speed Post, DHL & FEDEX services are also available but the costs vary depending on weight and destination.

Each item is checked to identify any physical deformities before shipment.  Utmost care is taken in the packing to withstand several handlings during transit across the continents.


How to make payments

All the conventional methods of remittance are acceptable.  The customers can pay by US Dollar, Australian Dollar, Euro or British Pound cheques/bank-cheques/bank-drafts payable at any bank in the respective countries.  Payment by major credit cards and direct money transfers to our bank account using SWIFT codes are welcome.

To enable order/payment processing, often libraries require mandatory forms, such as W-8 BEN, to be filled-in for their records.  Please write to us for necessary action in such cases.


Customer Testimonials

Here are a few extracts from our customers' emails:

"...We have been very satisfied with your selectors' choices of popular fiction and nonfiction for our patrons, and we especially appreciate the MARC21 records you send us with each order..."
Matthew Weston
Reference Librarian
Carol Stream Public Library
Illinois, USA

"...I was given your name by a few other librarians who order their Hindi titles through DK Agencies. I am looking to start an adult Hindi, Urdu, and Gujarati language collection in our library. Your company was mentioned by quite a few librarians and with high praise..."
Barbara Kruser
Niles Public Library District
Niles, Illinois, USA

"...The variety/quality of books meets my expectations... I look forward to working with you in the future..."
Stephanie Nye
Adult Services Librarian
2 Jean Walling Civic Center
New Jersey, USA

"...We are very pleased with the custom cataloging your staff has completed for the Urdu, Hindi, Telugu, and Gujarati books for which we had sent you the photo copies..."
Rosa Lin
Houston Public Library
Houston, USA

"...The Indian bookseller most research libraries in North America use is the DK Agencies. --- Like all our best suppliers, they have been superb in tailoring their services. Within the constraints of the international delivery services, they have been remarkably reliable. My own perspective, based on visiting them in New Delhi as well as visiting virtually every booth at the 1992 New Delhi World Book Fair, is that they are exceedingly well-placed in the Indian book trade and highly respected..."
Michael A. Keller
University Librarian,
Director of Academic Information Resources,
Publisher of HighWire Press
and Publisher of the Stanford University Press
Green Library,Stanford University
California, USA

"...Because of their consistent high quality DK MARC records are particularly helpful to us at Queens and allow us to expedite the delivery of materials to our customers. Therefore I will appreciate your making sure that I receive a copy of the file of MARC records corresponding to each and all shipments/purchases of the Queens Library..."
Jane Jacobs
Asst. Coord., Catalog Division
Queens Borough Public Library
New York, USA

Even an article on Library Journal recommends DK for most of the Indic Languages. Read more  



Contact Details

You may like to contact us on :

Mail addressed to:
Customer Support - Public Libraries
  D.K. Agencies (P) Ltd.
A/15-17, D. K. Avenue
Mohan Garden
Najafgarh Road
New Delhi - 110 059 (India)
  (011) 2535-7104
(011) 2535-7105
  +(91-11) 2535-7103


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