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   Who We Are
In these 50 years of our existence, we have achieved spectacular growth, phenomenal recognition. Behind our success story stays unmistakably the DK management's vision, which is a harmonious blend of traditional Indian values and the spirit of modernity -- the vision which is concretely manifest in our polite, highly personalized services and the highest efficiency-levels through automation.
Global Clientele :
With a modest beginning in the international book-market: as promoters of indigenous publications, in 1968, we have gone on to take a leap forward -- without ever looking back. Today, we are among the top-ranking service organizations in India, superbly coping with a global clientele -- ranging from North American libraries to Latin American societies, from Austral-Asian universities to Afro-Asian academies, West European research centres to Scandinavian institutions of learning.
Our Role :
For her vast area sprawl and cultural/ethnic/linguistic pluralities, India is oft-times called a subcontinent. Over the years, her publishing industry has grown into a giant, producing every year thousands of books/periodicals in English and other national/regional languages. Your quest for an item, specially from a publisher in a remote, far-flung Indian town, could often be an onerous -- if not a frustrating -- experience. Here, in a challenging situation like this, surfaces our essential role -- because, we, at DK, with our amazing resourcefulness, can locate any title, even from the obscurest of the publishers.
Procurement Range :
Today our supplies land in as many as 80 (Eighty) countries across the five continents. And why we have been able to sustain, rather enlarge, our clientele, is our unique potential to procure for our customers, the whole range of Indian publications -- besides our all-embracing bibliographic media, highly professionalized services, and our trustworthiness. We can, for sure, get you any title manufactured under the Indian(skies) : whether You have only to be a DK's customer to discover how great pains we take to assist you!
Futuristic Perspective
Now backed, as we are, by extensively automated mechanisms of day-to-day operations, a range of professionally-managed, distinguishing customer services, and an honest, determined effort to excel, we are moving from strength to strength -- all poised to meet the scholarly demands of the 21st century.
Trade Associations' and Organizations' Memberships held by DK:
CAPEXIL (Chemical And Allied Export Promotion Council Of India)
48, 4th Floor,
Vandana Building, 11,
Tolstoy Marg,
New Delhi-110001

Federation Of Indian Publishers ( FIP )
18/1C, Institutional Area,
Aruna Asaf Ali Marg (Near JNU),
New Delhi-110067

Delhi State Publishers & Booksellers Association ( DSBPA )
First Floor,
23 Ansari Road,
New Delhi-110002

Federation Of Publishers & Booksellers Association In India ( FPBAI )
84, Second Floor,
Darya Ganj, (Opp.) Cambridge Primary School,
New Delhi-110002

Association Of Indian Publishers & Booksellers ( AIPB )
7/22, Ansari Road,
Darya Ganj,
New Delhi-110002

Akhil Bharatiya Sanskrit Prakashak Sangh
1, U.B. Javahar Nagar,
Banglaw Road,
Delhi –110007

PHD Chamber Of Commerce And Industry ( PHDCCI )
PHD House,
4/2, Siri Institutional Area,
August Kranti Marg,
New Delhi-110016
What our Clients say about us!
Ever since the inception of bookhouse, our customer services have been rated highly by our clients: librarians, subject specialists, and individual readers/scholars. Their off-and-on expressions of appreciation have not just heartened DK management & staff, but also inspired the entire team to constantly improve upon our everyday working systems.
Reproduced below are a few of the many excerpts to demonstrate what our clients say about us :

  • I am truly impressed with the professionalism and excellent customer service that you offer. Your conscientious packaging, quick shipping methods, attention to detail and fair prices have definitely earned a repeat customer. I will highly recommend you to my friends.
    Extracts from Email dated 20 Nov 2003 from Ms. Bani Christine, Nebraska, USA.
  • " The IRC has been ordering from D.K. Agencies for the past year. They have paid close attention to our subject guidelines and have shipped promptly and invoiced accurately according to our specification. Additionally, they have provided MARC records for cataloging. "
    Extracts from EMail dated 06 March 2003 of Alan Wagner, Manager, International Resource Center, Queens Borough Public Library, addressed to their branch librarians.
  • "You guys have been great. So I had no hesitation in recommending you. Keep up the good work."
    Email dated 19 February 2003 from Dr. Surjit Singh, California, USA.
  • "Thank you very much. I received the book today in perfect condition. The transaction with you has been a good experience. I will not hesitate to order from you again. Thank you."
    Email dated 15 February 2003 from Mr. Navin Pai, Michigan, USA after receiving the ordered book.
  • "Dear Sirs, just to advise that my recent order arrived safely in Melbourne, Australia today. Your usual excellent service. The books are just what I want too (there's always a little risk buying a book unseen, without a quick flick through it). Fantastic!"
    Email dated 23 August 2002 from Brendan Whyte, University of Melbourne, Australia.
  • "I am, as ever, astonished by the assiduous determination with which you pursue the interests of your customers - would that other booksellers emulated your example!"
    Email dated 26 September 2000 from David Melling, UK.
  • "One Saturday morning (from 8 am-2 pm) was spent visiting one of the largest suppliers, DK Agencies in suburban New Delhi. This firm is one of the most progressive and aggressively modernizing book suppliers in India, many of the visits to national institutions could only be arranged with their assistance. Their process of book procurement was more sophisticated and effective than that of the National Library of India and in fact, now that the Library of Congress New Delhi office has ceased to publish its Accessions List for South Asia (as of Dec. 1996) the DK catalogues (at least for material in English, Hindi, Sanskrit and Tibetan) will function as the de facto National anywhere who maintains authority files the way they do, even writing to authors to confirm dates of birth. Their web presence has now caused a number of other Indian suppliers to make web debuts."
    Extracts from the text of an article published in June 1997 issue of APSIG Newsletter of Australian Library and Information Association contributed jointly by Erica Ryan of National Library of Australia and Royce Wiles, Librarian, Australian National University, after their visit to India as participants to nine-member delegation of Australian librarians.
  • "Re: experiences with d.k.agencies (question)
    I have ordered Urdu and Hindi books from them often and have found their service excellent. Their catalogues are also many cuts above what most booksellers offer. I've found it well worthwhile being on their mailing list; I end up using them more than most other sources."
    Email dated 28 May 1997 of Prof. Frances Pritchett, Dept. of Middle East languages and cultures, Columbia University, New York, USA, in response to a query raised on Indology (a listserv)about experiences with D.K. Agencies
  • "The Cataloguing department who searches the databases and enters the books into the computer, is very pleased with the cards that you have included inside each book. They have also commented on the excellent transliteration. Please thank your transliterators and congratulate them. Keep up the good work !"
    Extracts from letter dated 28 February 1995 from Marilena Gahman, Head, International Language Collections, Detroit Public Library, Detroit, MI, USA.
  • "Lewis B Day of the Graduate Theological Library, Berkeley, California, gave a talk at the 1993 convention of the American Theological Library Association addressing the issue of vendors for books in Asia and Africa. --- In the published version of his presentation, which appeared in the Annual Proceedings, there is a list of vendors [ and there appears the name of DK Agencies] among these alongwith the annotation: Jobber ; excellent supplier of all materials (including standing orders and continuations) ; highly recommended."
    Extracts from letter dated October 18, 1994 from Rev. Hayes, Library Director, Christ the King Seminary, East Aurora, NY, USA.
  • "The Indian bookseller most research libraries in North America use is the DK Agencies. --- Like all our best suppliers, they have been superb in tailoring their services. Within the constraints of the international delivery services, they have been remarkably reliable. My own perspective, based on visiting them in New Delhi as well as visiting virtually every booth at the 1992 New Delhi World Book Fair, is that they are exceedingly well-placed in the Indian book trade and highly respected."
    Extracts from letter dated November 10, 1993 of Mr Michael A. Keller, Ida M. Green Director, Stanford University Libraries, Stanford, CA, USA, addressed to Mr. William Kaufman.
  • "The Victoria & Albert Museum possesses the largest collection of Indian art outside Indian subcontinent --- The Indian Collection has its own research library. --- Beyond setting the parameters of what should theoretically be collected lies the problem of how to obtain publications in practice. --- India has one of the largest publishing industries in the world. --- Book distribution is naturally also a major industry. --- One such book distributor of current publications from India is DK Agencies. --- Its efficiency can be gauged from the fact that it supplies books to 80 countries worldwide. --- supplies research material to most major academic and public libraries. The Company uses a vast array of bibliographic tools to bring new books to the attention of their clients."
    Extracts from the text of a paper presented to the IFLA Section of Art Libraries at New Delhi, 1992 by Jan van der Wateren, Chief Librarian, National Art Library, Victoria & Albert Museum, London,UK, and published in Art Libraries Journal, 1993, 18/2, pages 20-25.
  • "We do consider D. K. Agencies to be our main Indian vendor and we are quite happy with your services. We also want you to know that we find your Catalogues to be very useful. We use the Catalogues as selection tools, and we hope that you will continue to send them to us."
    Extracts from letter dated 13 May 1980 from Ms. Suzanne K. Metzger, Assistant Head, Acquisitions Department, University of California Library, San Diego, CA, USA.
  • "We are very satisfied with your services. Your excellent book-lists with their reliable information, lack of spelling mistakes, full names, mention of reprints, publishers, etc., are unique among Indian services of this kind. --- Your offer of a set of Unit Cards is very interesting. We are presently considering how we might use these cards for pre-acquisition, acquistion and cataloguing."
    Extracts from letter No. AZ.:XS-75; Orient. Abt. 79/76. dated 13.8.76 from Dr. George Baumann, Universitaetsbibliothek Tuebingen, Germany.
  • "We find both the BOW Bulletins and the DK Newsletter very useful indeed for keeping ourselves informed about Indian publications. They are read with interest by all our staff who work in that field."
    Extracts from letter no. OMPB/TM/DJ dated 28 July 1976, from Department of Oriental Manuscripts and Printed Books, The British Library, London.
What others say about us!
  • "Largest Info-base of Indian Books:
    If you love Indian literature, navigate to DK Agencies have been supplying Indian books and periodicals to all the five continents over the past three decades. The site design is simple.".
    The Hindustan Times - Leading daily newspaper from New Delhi, Friday, August 14, 1998
  • "Bookmark: Forget about or even We have, right here in India with its super service".
    The Economic Times (a leading daily from New Delhi), March(16, 1998)
  • "DK are the only book-exporters of India who send catalogue card (main entry) alongwith each publication they supply, thus saving a considerable time and effort of the receiving libraries in cataloguing."
    Dr. R.G. Prasher, Professor of Library Science and Information Science, University of Sagar (M.P.), in his book "Developing Library Collection", 1993.
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