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A golden chain of civilizations : Indic, Iranic, Semitic and Hellenic (from c. 600 B.C. to c. A.D. 600) /

A golden chain of civilizations :  Indic, Iranic, Semitic and Hellenic (from c. 600 B.C. to c. A.D. 600) /
DK Number:DK-221147
ISBN: 9788187586555
Title: A golden chain of civilizations : Indic, Iranic, Semitic and Hellenic (from c. 600 B.C. to c. A.D. 600) /
Author: edited by G.C. Pande.
Imprint: New Delhi : Project of History of Indian Science, Philosophy and Culture, Centre for Studies in Civilizations : Distributed by Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers,
Physical Desc.: xxxiv, 528 p. : ill., maps ; 29 cm.
Series Information: (History of science, philosophy, and culture in Indian civilization ; v. 1 pt. 5)
Year: 2012
Price: USD 60.40
Nature Of Scope: Contributed articles.
Volume No.: section 1
Usually Ships In: 5 - 8 days
Subject Strings: India--Civilization--To 1200.
  Iran--Civilization--To 640.
  Civilization, Semitic.
  India--Relations--Mediterranean Region.
  Mediterranean Region--Relations--India.
  Technology and civilization.
  Religion and culture--India.
  Science, Ancient.
  Philosophy, Ancient.
Series: History of science, philosophy, and culture in Indian civilization
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Title Review

The perspective of historical interpretation here, as in the previous volumes of the PHISPC series, is interpretative pluralism. While it insists on the critical and rigorous examination of historical sources and the rule of evidence for all factual statements, it does not insist on any specific interpretative perspective: whether orientalist, nationalist, liberal, Marxist, modernist, or traditionalist – for history as a story can, perhaps, never be uniquely or finally told.

This book: Volume 1, Part 5, in two sections, is intended to review the history of science, philosophy and culture in Indian civilization in the context of civilizational contacts with the Iranic, Semitic, and Hellenic worlds and comparable developments in them. Methodologically, historical, multidisciplinary, and pluralistic, it seeks to represent critically the scientific, philosophical, and cultural ideas and values as they emerged in the historical course of civilizations.

Its Section 1: Cultural Contacts and Movements carries 22 scholarly essays covering a wide range of specificities, like Pythagoras in India – Alexander and the Hellenistic Empire – Greek Authors on Ancient India – Ancient Indian Trade with the Roman World – Prophet Zarathustra, the Avesta and the Vedas – Migrations from Central Asia: the Kushans – The Religious Universe of the Kushan Empire – Art in the Kushan Empire – The Kushans and the Sun-Cult – Kushan Archaeology vis-à-vis Kushan Civilization in Afghanistan – Sakas in India.

Section 2: Science, Philosophy and Culture, in 19 essays, examines -- besides the Role of Science in Ancient Civilizations: Indic, Iranic, Semitic and Hellenic -- Ancient Indian Taxonomy of Knowledge, Mathematics, Astronomy, Anatomy and Surgery, Aromatic Plants and their use in Cosmetics and Perfumes, Upanisadic Spirituality, Philosophical Systems (like Vaisesika and Theravada of Abhidhamma), Music and Dance, and Art Traditions, among others.

Dr G.C. Pande (1923-2011) thinker, scholar, writer regarded internationally as an authority on Buddhism and ancient Indian culture, held professorial positions at several universities; besides having been the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Allahabad (1978-84).


Title Contents
Chapter No.Chapter TitleChapter AuthorPage No.
  Volume Number : section 1   
Phythagoras and IndiaDemetrios Th. Vasilliades1
Alexander and the Hellenistic Empire Udai Prakash Arora27
Greek Authors on Ancient India Udai Prakash Arora81
Aristotle's Theory of DramaK. G. Srivastava123
Philosophy in Hellenisric and Roman TimesN. K. Kazanas149
Ancient Indian Trade with the Roman World: An Archaeohistorical ConstructionSunil Gupta205
Prophet Zarathustra, the Avesta and the VedasAbhay Kumar Singh229
The Ancient Religion of Iran and Reforms by Prophet of ZarathustraAbhay Kumar Singh249
Iranian Empire: Indus to MediterraneanAbhay Kumar Singh265
Sasanian Political History, Society and ArtFarzan Suzudi301
Ethnic Movements from Central Asia: The Sakas and the PahlavasV. C. Srivastava319
Migrations from Central Asia: The KushansV. C. Srivastava357
Economy and Social Structure in Central Asia in the Kushan PeriodV. C. Srivastava379
Urbanization in the Kushan EmpireV. C. Srivastava389
The Kushans and Urbanization in AfghanistanV. C. Srivastava399
The Religion Universe of the Kushan EmpireV. C. Srivastava407
The Kushans and the Sun-CultV. C. Srivastava407
Buddhist Archaeology in Kushan and Kushano-Sassanian AfghanistanV. C. Srivastava435
Art in the Kushan EmpireV. C. Srivastava443
The Contribution of the Kushan period in Language and LiteratureV. C. Srivastava463
Kushan Archaeology vis-a-vis Kushan Civilization in Afghanistan: Problems and PerspectivesV. C. Srivastava469
Sakas in IndiaAbhay Kumar Singh479

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A golden chain of civilizations Indic Iranic Semitic and Hellenic (from c. 600 B.C. to c. A.D. 600)

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