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Innovations in agro animal technologies /

Innovations in agro animal technologies /
DK Number:DK-218618
ISBN: 9789381226025
Title: Innovations in agro animal technologies /
Author: editor-in-chief, R.B. Srivastava and W. Selvamurthy.
Imprint: Delhi : Satish Serial Pub. House,
Physical Desc.: xii, 348 p. : ill., maps ; 25 cm.
Year: c2012
Price: USD 71.65
Subject Strings: Crops--India, North.
  Crops--Himalaya Mountains Region.
  Agriculture--India, North.
  Agriculture--Himalaya Mountains Region.
  Animal culture--India, North.
  Animal culture--Himalaya Mountains Region.
  Agricultural innovations--India, North.
  Agricultural innovations--Himalaya Mountains Region.
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Title Review

One of the highest and driest inhabited places on the earth—the Trans-Himalayan region has very harsh climatic conditions. The men, animals and plants of the region, thus face several biotic and abiotic stresses. In the said context, the scientists working at Defence Institute of High Altitude Research (DIHAR), Govt. of India, have developed various agro-animal technologies to improve livelihood and living conditions in this difficult terrain. Comprising over a score of specially invited chapters, this book compiles unique scientific information on high altitude agro-animal technologies while documenting the past and present research activities of DIHAR. The chapters of the book deal with various subjects ranging from vegetable science to seed production, post-harvest management, soil health, dairy farming, fodder production, poultry farming, ruminant husbandry, etc. All those concerned with the current and future challenges of the cold arid zones for achieving sustainable agriculture and livestock production, will find the book highly useful.


Title Contents
Chapter No.Chapter TitleChapter AuthorPage No.
Chapter 1:Innovative Approaches in Vegetable Research to Meet the Nutritional Requisites in Cold Arid Desert AreasNarendra Singh, Manish Bhoyar, Pal Murugan M., Dorjey Angchok, and R.B. Srivastava1
Chapter 2:Solar Greenhouses A Boon for Enhancing Vegetable Production in Sub Zero Climatic ConditionsPal Murugan M., Narendra Singh, Dorjey Angchok, Manish Bhoyar, A.K. Katiyar, R.P. Bhatt, Hitesh Kumar and R.B. Srivastava23
Chapter 3:Seed Production of Biennial Vegetable Crops in Trans-HimalayasNarendra Singh, Dorjay Angchok, S.B. Maurya and R.B. Srivastava45
Chapter 4:Fruit Production in Cold Desert of IndiaTsering Stobdan, Ashish Yadav, Sanjai K. Dwivedi, Konchok Targais, Richa Arora and R.B. Srivastava59
Chapter 5:Seabuckthorn Production for Greening and Sustainable Income Generation in Cold Desert of IndiaTsering Stobdan, Girish Korekar, O.P. Chaurasia, B. Balaji, Ashish Yadav, Sanjai K. Dwivedi, Konchok Targais, Sunil Mundra and R.B. Srivastava71
Chapter 6:Specialty Apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) for Livelihood Security in Cold DesertsAshish Yadav, Tsering Stobdan, Sanjay K. Dwivedi, Girish Korekar, Konchok Targais and R.B. Srivastava87
Chapter 7:Postharvest Management of Fruits and Vegetables in High AltitudesAshish Yadav, Tsering Stobdan, O.P. Chauhan, Girish Korekar, Konchok Targais and R.B. Srivastava97
Chapter 8:Trans-Himalayan Medicinal Plants and Herbal Nutraceutical ProductsO.P. Chaurasia, Sunil K. Hota, Raj Kumar, Anmol B. Tayade and R.B. Srivastava113
Chapter 9:Phytochemical and Pharmacological Analysis of Rhodiola sp.: A ReviewRaj Kumar, Anmol Tayade, Ashish Kumar, O.P. Chaurasia and R.B. Srivastava131
Chapter 10:Soil Health Status of Trans-HimalayasSomen Achary a Narendra Singh, Anand K. Katiyar, S.B. Maurya and R.B. Srivastava141
Chapter 11:Agricultural Extension and Technology Dissemination in Ladakh: An OverviewDorjey Angchok, Pal Murugan M., Anand K. Katiyar, Hitesh Kumar, Konchok Tamchos and R.B. Srivastava153
Chapter 12:Characterization and Conservation of Trans-Himalayan Flora : Through Biotechnological ApproachesJanifer Raj X., Jitendra Kumar, Manish Bhoyar, Gyan P. Mishra, Prabodh K. Bajpai, Ashish R. Warghat and R.B. Srivastava171
Chapter 13:Energy Efficient Long-Term Conservation of Plant Germplasm in Permafrost ConditionsNarendra Singh, R.B. Srivastava and S.B. Maurya185
Chapter 14:Modern Dairy Farming in Cold Arid RegionsVijay K. Bharti, A. Biswas, G. Venkatesan, D. Gogoi, P.B. Deshmukh, S. Patial, P.R. Venkatesh and R.B. Srivastava191
Chapter 15:Small Ruminant Husbandry Practices in Himalayan RegionsVijay K. Bharti, A. Biswas, G. Venkatesan, P.B. Deshmukh, P. Kumar, Guru Charan and R.B. Srivastava201
Chapter 16:Commercial Poultry Farming in Cold Arid Region of Leh-LadakhA. Biswas, Vijay K. Bharti, P.B. Deshmukh, G.Venkatesan and R.B. Srivastava213
Chapter 17:Zanskar Ponies Packers and Movers on the Rugged TerrainG. Venkatesan, P.B. Deshmukh, A. Biswas, Vijay K. Bharti and R.B. Srivastava231
Chapter 18:Prospects pf Fodder Production and Management in Cold DesertsJanifer Raj X., Jitendra Kumar, Eli Palijor, Narendra Singh, O.P. Chaurasia and R.B. Srivastava243
Chapter 19:Eco Environment Improvement of Cold Desert:DIHAR InitiativesPal Murugan M.,Eli Paljor, Janifer Raj X., O.P. Chaurasia, B. Balaji, Narendra Singh and R.B. Srivastava225
Chapter 20:Potential of Non Conventional Energy Sources in Himalayan FrontiersSyed B. Mustafa, Somen Acharya, Banu Prakash and R.B. Srivastava267
Chapter 21:Challenges at High Altitude: The Limits to Human PerformanceKalpana B. Hota, Sunil K.Hota, Priyanka Dhar, O.P. Chaurasia and R.B. Srivastava277
Chapter 22:Agro-Bioterrorism : A Potential Threat and PreparednessGyan P. Mishra, Raghwendra Singh, Manish Bhoyar, Jitendra Kumar and R.B. Srivastava301
Chapter 23:Development of Radiation Countermeasure Agents through Harnessing High-Altitude Cold Arid Region BioresourceRajesh Arora and W. Selvamurthy319

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Innovations in agro animal technologies

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