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Remedial vaastushastra : vaastu without breaking of structure /

Remedial vaastushastra :  vaastu without breaking of structure /
DK Number:DK-152759
ISBN: 8171820166
Title: Remedial vaastushastra : vaastu without breaking of structure /
Author: Bhojraj Dwivedi.
Imprint: New Delhi : Diamond Pocket Books,
Physical Desc.: 273 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 22 cm.
Series Information: (A.H.W. Sameer series)
Year: 2003
Price: USD 8.25 (pbk.)
Language: Includes passages in Sanskrit; with English translation.
Subject Strings: Vāstu.
  Architecture, Hindu.
Series: A.H.W. Sameer series
More books by: Dvivedi, Bhojaraja, 1949-
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Title Contents
Chapter No.Chapter TitleChapter AuthorPage No.
1Significance of the Book9
2Vaastushastra and Five Elements12
Fire (Heat)18
3Examination of Land22
4Form (Size or Shape) of a Plot25
5Multistoreyed Hotel on a Sea-Shore33
6Methods to subdue Vaastu defects in Commercial enterprises and shops38
7Illustration from Modern Architecture50
8Building Construction58
Industrial Houses63
Midway Tapered Plot65
A Tapered Factory on Eastern Side69
Fish-Shaped Block70
A South-West Farm House/Agricultural Land71
Stairs within place of worship72
Flats with tapered corner74
Trouser-Cut Plot78
A Unique Example of polluted centre Point of a House78
An example of a model HIG Flat84
Proposed Rajasthan Assembly Building86
9Formulae on building construction88
A Doom-House90
A Combined house for a joint family95
Houses which violate Vaastu tenants (ill-effects of such violations)98
10Rajesh Khanna's Ominous Bungalow is now on the threshold of sale101
11Astrology and Vaastu-Theory103
12Birth-Horoscope and Vaastu-Place106
Impact of Zodiac signs on a house107
A house without son/progeny108
Example of an issueless house109
13House-Building and defective directions111
East Direction: House-Building and flaws111
West Direction: House-Building and flaws113
Northern Direction: House-Building and Flaws116
South Direction: House-Building and Flaws118
14North-East (Ishaan) Side: House-Building and Defects121
15South-East Side (Agneya): House-Building and Faults125
North-West side (Vaayavaya): House-Building and Defects (Faults)130
South-West Side (Nairitya): House-Building and Flaws134
16Vaastu Concept Based on Various phases of Zodiac Signs (Raashis)138
17Origin and Concept of Vaastu Purush157
Correct form of Vaastu Purush158
Vaastu-Seats (Peeths) and Vaastu Purush160
Centre open spaces in Vaastu-Seats161
Form of Body and organs of Vaastu Purush162
Place (Importance) of Vaastu Purush, for House-Building plan, on a plot164
Vaastu Pad-Mandal165
18Planning of Main-Door (in relation to Vaastu Purush)173
19Vaastu and Ritual177
Righteousness (Dharma)178
Wealth (Artha)179
Desire (Karma)179
Salvation (Mokhsha)179
20Inauguration of Land-Digging and Foundation181
Result of laying foundation, during individual (week) days of an idol182
Articles required for Vaastu Foundation and also to ward off planetary ill-effects on a house183
21Inauguration of Vaastu-Foundation185
Inauguration timings to lay foundation of a house185
Bhoomi Shyan and Vatsa Chakra185
Auspicious time for laying foundation186
Forbidden aspects187
22Discussion on Idol-installation189
Specific Lagna for installing Deities190
Installation of Vishnu's Idol192
Auspicious time for installation of Idol of Goddess Various concepts of Idol-installation, in the context of auspicious timings193
Acceptable Nakhshatras in the process of installation193
Concept on entry to House (Griha-Pravesh)194
23How to dispel Vaastu-Faults without breakage (wear and tear)197
Protection from penetration of angle198
Method of protection from big buildings199
Method to offset ill-effects of Corner Penetration199
Existence of a factory opposite a dwelling house200
Situation of Pond and Building201
Dispelling Vaastu Marg-Vedha without breakage (wear and tear)202
Steps (Stairs) to the main entrance204
Office should not be situated under a beam206
24Nine Practical Remedies (Curative Methods)208
25Infallible Experiments on Various Types of Ganapati - In Context of Vaastu241
Santaan - Ganpati (Bestower of Progeny)248
Vighan-Harta Ganpati (Dispeller of obstacle)248
Vidya-Pradayak Ganpati (The giver of education)248
Vivaha-Vinayak Ganpati (The lord of marriages)248
Dhandayak Ganpati (The bestower of wealth)249
Chinta-naashak Ganpati (The dispeller of worries)249
Riddhi-Siddhi daayak Ganpati (The accomplisher)249
Anand dayak Ganpati (The bestower of joy)249
Vijaysiddha Ganpati (Bestower of Victory)250
Rognashak Ganpati (who frees from diseases)250
Pin-Mochan Ganpati (who frees from debt)250
Netrittava Shakti Vikaasak Ganpati (the Promoter of Leadership faculty)250
Sopari Ganpati (Betel nut shaped Ganpati)250
Shatru-Hanta Ganpati (The inhilator of enemies)251
Krishan Ganpati251
26Different Witchcrafts (Totems, Sorcery)253
Witchcraft to relieve pain in spinal chord253
Sorcery for adding to Prosperity253
Sorcery of offset ill-effect of an evil eye253
Worship of Tutelary deity, at the shop254
Remain cordial to all - It is the foremost way to control (win over) others254
Spend part of income for charity and service255
Use of horse-nail at the main-gate255
Put a replica of silver-snake underneath the land256
Draw sketches of feet by means of Swastika Symbol outside the residential houses256
Plant plantain (Banana) and Basil outside main gate256
First of all Plant pomegranate plants on the vacant land257
26Addenda (List of certain words/terms often referred to in this book which have been repeated and translated under Relevant Contents)258
Generally Used Terms261

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Remedial vaastushastra vaastu without breaking of structure

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