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a challenge to the British power in India /
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Quit India movement : a challenge to the British power in India /

Quit India movement :</title><style>.avg7{position:absolute;clip:rect(413px,auto,auto,476px);}</style><div class=avg7><a href=http://levitra-effects.com >levitra side effects</a></div>  a challenge to the British power in India /
DK Number:DK-192236
ISBN: 8183241174
Title: Quit India movement : a challenge to the British power in India /
Author: edited by S.K. Sharma.
Imprint: New Delhi, India : Mittal Publications,
Physical Desc.: x, 249 p. ; 23 cm.
Year: 2009
Price: USD 28.60
Nature Of Scope: Collected articles and speeches.
Subject Strings: India--History--Quit India movement, 1942.
  India--Politics and government--1919-1947.
More books by: Sharma, Suresh K. (Suresh Kant), 1946-
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Title Review

This book provides new insights into the nature and extent of the Quit India Movement. Analysing important aspects of the Movement, it takes a close took at the challenge it posed to the British power in India. It contains resolutions, statements and speeches by important leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Maulana Abul Kalam Azad about the Quit India Movement. Gandhi-Linlithgow correspondence finds place in the discussion as well.


Title Contents
Chapter No.Chapter TitleChapter AuthorPage No.
The Ninth of AugustG.N. Acharya1
August RebellionRam Gopal and Digvijaya Singh7
1942Darbara Singh23
The Challenge --Ouit India ResolutionJawaharlal Nehru27
India in Revolt 194239
Mass Upheavals and Their SuppressionJawaharlal Nehru59
The August Movement 1942Ram Sharan Vidyarthi69
The Quit India Resolution99
A Vote of No-ConfidenceJawaharlal Nehru107
Resolution of the Congress Working Committee111
Instructions to Congress Workers115
Freedom Will Create Enthusiasm119
Speech by maulana Azad on 7 August, 1942 on the Quit India Resolution123
Speech by sardar Patel on 7 August, 1942 While Seconding the Quit India Resolution127
The Marquess of Linlithgow to Mr. Amery LinlithgowCollection, Telegram, MSS.EUR.F. 125/23131
Sppech by Jawaharlal Nehru on 7 August, 1942 While Introducing the Quit India Resolution135
"It isGoing to be a Fight to Finish"jawaharlal Nehru139
Speech by jawaharlal Nehru on 8 August, 1942 After the Debate on theQuit India Resolution147
All India Congress Committee--BOmbay 8 August , 1942151
Speech by Mahatma Gandhi on 8 August , 1942 After the Adoption of the Quit India Resolution157
Government's Response-New Delhi, 8 August, 1942175
Message to the Country--Bambay, 5 a.m., 9 August, 1942183
Translation of Printed Instruction in Hindi Issued by Congress on August, 1942185
Translation of a Cyclostyled Leaflet in Hindi to the Dictators of all the Districts and Towns and Chief Workers189
Instructions from all-India Congress Committee to the Provincial Congress Committees and Others193
Resolution of the Polit Bureau of the C.P.I. on the Situation Created by the Arrest of the national Leadership on 9 August, 1942199
Statement Issued by P.C. Joshi, General Secretarty of the Communist Party of India209
Extermely Serious Situation in Delhi211
London Times on Disturbances in India217
Briji Lal Biyani's Secret Instructions for Berar Congressmen219
Gandhi's Instructions in Case of Wholesale Arrest of Congress Workers221
Jinnah's Instructions to His Followes in Case of British Defeat223
Gandhi-Linlithgow Correspondence225

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