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Conservation of natural resources for food and environmental security /

Conservation of natural resources for food and environmental security /
DK Number:DK-219392
ISBN: 9789381226155
Title: Conservation of natural resources for food and environmental security /
Author: editors, S.K. Dubey ... [et al.].
Imprint: Delhi : Satish Serial Pub. House,
Physical Desc.: xvii, 509 p. : ill., maps ; 25 cm.
Year: c2012
Price: USD 80.40
Summary: Papers presented at a conference on Food and environmental security through resource conservation in central India : challenges and opportunities, held at Agra during 16-19 September 2009.
Volume Title: section 1. Status of natural resources -- section 2. Management and efficient utilization of water resources -- section 3. Conservation technologies for food and environmental security -- section 4. Livelihood security and watershed management -- section 5. Rehabilitation of problem lands, salins, alkali, ravines, riveine lands, diava land, etc. --
Subject Strings: Conservation of natural resources--Central India--Congresses.
  Food security--Central India--Congresses.
  Environmental protection--Central India--Congresses.
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Title Review

This is a proceedings volume incorporating the presentations of a national conference organised by the Indian Association of Soil and Water conservationists and held at Agra, India: September 2009. The Conference brought together over 150 policy makers, planners, administrators, researchers and NGO representatives from all over India for an indepth analysis and discussion of NRM related issues and problems, with specific reference to the states of the Central India. A total of 43 analytical and technical papers including many field survey based case studies are put together in this publication, covering seven major themes: status of natural resources; management of water resources; conservation technologies for food; livelihood security and watershed management; rehabilitation of problem soils; community empowerment; and regional experiences & future thrust.


Title Contents
Chapter No.Chapter TitleChapter AuthorPage No.
SECTION-1 : Status of Natural Resources
1. Status of Natural Resources for Food and Environmental Security in Central IndiaV.N. Sharda1
2. Soil Health is the Health and wealth of the Nation and Its Productivity is Nation's Wealth ReserveR.N. Gupta33
3. Assessment of Wastelands/Degraded Lands in Central India Using Remote sensing and G.I.S. Techniques with Special Reference to Uttar PradeshAlok Mathur41
4. Diatomological Analysis of Water Bodies of Semi Arid Region of Central IndiaMeenakshi Singh, Payal Lodha, G.P. Singh and Rajesh Singh49
5. Assessment of Permissible Soil Erosion Limits for Different Landscapes of Chhattisgarh in IndiaBrij Lal Lakaria, H. Biswas and D. Mandal59
6. Mapping Gullied Wastelands Along Gomti River in Uttar Pradesh using IRS LISS-III DataAlok MAthur, S. Chandra, M. Mishra, R.S. Rawat and A.R. Siddiqui71
7. Analysis of Rainfall for Crop Planning in Bundelkhand Zone of Uttar PradeshMukesh Chand, Dushyant Kumar, Dhananjai Singh, Nishi Roy and D.K. Singh79
Section-2 : Management and Efficient Utilization of Water Resources
8. A Decision Support Tool to Explore and Promote Conjuctive use Options in Canal CommandA. Upadhyaya, A.K. Sikka, A.K. Singh and P.R. Bhatnagar91
9. Ground Water Quality for Irrigation in Datia District Madhya Pradesh - An AssessmentH. Biswas, P.P. Adhikary, S.P. Tiwari and Sant Raj101
10. Economic Water Productivity of Drum Kit Drip Irrigation Systems for Vegetable ProductionS.S. Mail and s. Kumar109
11. Groundwater Use Efficiency and Price Equilibrium of Groundwater Use in Central Plain Zone of Uttar PradeshS.K. Srivastava, Ranjit Kumar and R.P. Singh121
12. Participatory Action Research for Irrigation Water Management in Sugarcane CultivationD.V. Yadav, R.P. Verma, Kamta Prasad, A.K.Sah, Rajendra Gupta and K.P. Singh137
Section-3 : Conservation Technologies for Food and Environmental Security
13. Agro-Forestry Practices in Central India : Prospects and PotentialsR.K. Dubey and S.K. Dubey149
14. Measures for Enhancing Crop Productivity and Resource Use Efficiency in Rainfed Vartisols of Madhya PradeshS.S. Tomar and S.K. Sharma167
15. Agri-Horti System for Sustainable Production on Degraded Lands in Semi-Arid TropicsOm Prakash, R.K. Dubey and J.S. Deshwal193
16. Nutrient Uptake of Tomato F1 Hybrid Avinash-2 as Affected by Irrigated Methods and MicronutrientsB. Agrawal, A. Shrivastava, N.K. Toorray and R.n. Sharma201
17. Impact of Long Term Fertilizer and Manure Use on Crop Productivity and Soil Fertility in Rice-Rice Cropping System in Contrast SoilsR.H. Wanjari and Muneshwar Singh207
18. Edaphic Constraints vis-à-vis Conservation Practices for Increasing Productivity of Rainfed Lands in Bundelkhand RegionS.P. Tiwari, Dev Narayan and H. Biswas211
19. Sustainable Crop Production through Efficient Nutrient Management and Other Agro-Techniques - A ReviewOm Singh223
20. Food Legumes in Cropping Systems for Resources Conservation, Food and Environment Security : Challenges & OpportunitiesV.S. Lather, R.S. Pannu, D.p. Nandal and Ishwar Singh231
Section-4 : Livelihood Security and Watershed Management
21. land Use Planning and Watershed Management for Livelihood SecurityJ.S. Bali245
22. Sustainable Management of Cropping systems in Central Indian for Food and Environmental SecurityP.K. Panda, S.K. Dubey and A.K. singh253
23. Impact Evaluation of Soil and Water Conservation Measures in Tribal Area of District Satna, (M.P.)V.P. Singh, V.K. Kanaujia and S.N. Singh265
24. Assessing the Impact of water Management in Bareilly District of Uttar PradeshPankaj Sharma, R.K. Singh and Kapil273
25. Role of Sugarcane in Sustaining Soil Health in Rice-Wheat Sequence in Indo-Gangetic PlainsG.K. Singh and D.V. yadav285
Section-5 : Rehabilitation of Problem Lands, Salins, Alkali, Ravines, Riveine Lands, Diava Land etc.
26. rehabilitation of Problem Lands : Challenges and OpportunitiesJ.C. Dagar, P.S. Minhas and Gurbachan Singh293
27. Land Degradation in Central India : The Concern of Sustainable Food SecurityS.K. Dubey and R.K. Dubey313
28. Soybean Based Intercropping System for Sustainable Production under Rainfed Condition in Bundelkhand RegionDev narayan and H. Biswas323
29. Watershed Based Reclamation and control of Chambal RavinesG.P. Verma, Y.p. singh and S.K. Dubey329
30. Deriving Homogeneous Land Unit through GIS by Integrating Biophysical and Socioeconomic Aspects of Karnal DistrictD. Barman, R.N. Sahoo, N. Kalra, K. Kamble and D. Chakraborty343
31. Evaluation of Integrated Resource Management and Planting Time on Yield and water Expense Efficiency (WEE) of rice (Oryza sativa)Abdhesh K. Singh and N.K. Verma351
32. On-Farm Participatory Trials on Deep Tillage and soil Amendments to Assess Their Effect on Soil Properties and Yield of Pearlmillet-Wheat Grown on Sodic SoilY.P. Singh and Sudhir Singh357
Section-6 : Governance and Policy Issues for Community Empowerment
33. Resources Conservation for Food and Environmental security in Central IndiaP.D. Sharma and P.P. Biswas371
34. Governance and Policy Issues for Community Empowermentkrishna Srinath and H.K. Dash391
35. Capacity Building of Farmwomen for Management of Natural Resources for Sustainable LivelihoodSuman Agarwaland Harapriya Nayak405
36. Spatial Data Base for NREGS and Conservation of Natural ResourcesS.K. Saha, P. laghate, R.K. Sharma and S.N. Das411
37. Lac Integrated Agriculture : Means for Efficient Resource UtilizationR.K. Singh, R. Ramani and Bangali Baboo429
Section-7 : Regional Experiences and Future Thrust
38. Hydrologic Continuum in a Watershed that Promotes Conjunctive Use of Rain Water for attaining Food, Livelihood and Environmental SecurityD.C. Das435
39. Experiences of Watershed Development Programme in Central Indian : Success Stories and Probable Ways for Further Up ScalingV.S. Tomar455
40. Efficient Moisture Conservation and Fertilizer Practices for Profitable Productivity of Pearl Millet Under Semi-Arid InceptisolsS.P. Singh, G.R. Maruthi Sankar, P.K. Mishra and P.K. Singh473
41. Drought Management through Water Harvesting Systems and Contingency Crop PlanningJ. Somasundaram, K. Ramesh, Brij Lal Lakaria R.S. Chaudhary and A. Subba Rao479
42. Information Receiving Behaviour of Farmers of Watershed and Non-watershed Areas in Bundelkhand RegionOm Prakash and V.S. Katiyar499
43. Effect of Fertilizer Doses, Methods of Nitrogen Application and Moisture Conservation Practices on Pearl Millet Under Rainfed ConditionS. Kumar, H.P. Chaudhary, P.N. Yadav, U.D. Awasthi and H. Kumar505

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Conservation of natural resources for food and environmental security

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