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Proceedings of the National Conference on Mathematical Techniques and its Applications (NCMTA-2012), 8-9 February 2012 /

Proceedings of the National Conference on Mathematical Techniques and its Applications (NCMTA-2012), 8-9 February 2012 /
DK Number:DK-220020
ISBN: 9788184247503
Title: Proceedings of the National Conference on Mathematical Techniques and its Applications (NCMTA-2012), 8-9 February 2012 /
Author: editors, K. Ganesan, B. Vennila, V. Vidhya ; organised by Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, SRM University.
Imprint: New Delhi : Allied Publishers,
Physical Desc.: xxii, 402 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
Year: c2012
Price: USD 32.15
Subject Strings: Mathematical models--Congresses.
  Mathematical optimization--Congresses.
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Title Review

This proceedings volume incorporates the full and illustrated text of 40 contributed research papers and 7 invited talks presented during the event by distinguished experts from all over India. As a whole, the publication offers a glimpe of the quality and diversity of the research work being carried out at different institutions of the country, in areas such as Fuzzy Set Theory, Fluid Dynamics, Operations Research, Stochastic Process, Topology, Rough Sets, Interval Matrices, Crypltography, Mathematical Biology, etc., and the application of this research in various fields including engineering, management and ICT. Each of the included papers is appended with a list of references for further reading.


Title Contents
Chapter No.Chapter TitleChapter AuthorPage No.
Mathematical Modeling of High Precision Measurement Uncertainty Using Tolerance LimitsD Datta1
A Review of Mathematics of Stochastic FinanceS. Udayabaskaran14
Discrete Integrable Systems: IntroductionR. Sahadevan36
Estimation of Parameters in a Zero-Inflated Poisson ModelG. Nanjundan and Raveendra Naika37
Surface Roughness Effects on MHD Couplestress Squeeze Film Lubrication between Circular Stepped PlatesN.B. Naduvinamani38
Stratified Monte Carlo integration and ApplicationsG. Venkiteswaran39
Recent Trends and Applications of Finite Volume MethodS.P. Anjali Devi40
Solving Fully Fuzzy Linear systems with Trapezoidal Fuzzy Number Matrices Using Cholesky Decomposition MethodN. Jayanth Karthik and R. Sattanathan41
Expected Time to Recruitment in a Single Graded Man Power System with Inter-Decision Times as a Geometric ProcessG. Ishwarya, N. Shivaranjani and A. Srinivasan48
Laminar Natural Convection Flow Past a Vertical Cone with Uniform Surface Heat Flux and Viscous DissipationBapuji Pullepu, P. Sambath and S. Praveenkumar55
Some New Volterra Type Difference Inequalities of Fractional OrderJ. Jagan mohan and G.V.S.R. Deekshitulu64
Strongly Fuzzy Connectedness with Respect to Fuzzy IdealM. Mary Victoria Florence and R. Alagar71
First Order Chemical Reaction on Flow Past an Accelerated Isothermal Vertical Plate in a Rotating FluidR. Muthucumaraswamy, N. Dhanasekar and G. Easwaraprasad77
Stochastic Model for Mean Time to Recruitment in a Two Graded Organization with Inter-Decision Times as a Geometric Process and a Bivariate Policy of RecruitmentS. Dhivya, M. Manikandan and A. Srinivasan87
Matlab in Partial Differential EquationsH. Reyan Baig, Octavian Cletus and K. Velmurugan98
Fuzzy Inventory Model with Optimal Replenishment PolicyW. Ritha and Nivetha Martin114
MHD Couplestrees Squeeze Film Characteristics between a Sphere and a Porous Plane SurfaceN.B. Naduvinamani and M. Rajashekar126
Micropolar squeeze Film Lubrication between a Cylinder and a Poro-Elastic Flat Plate- A Special Reference to Synovial Joint LubricationG.K. Savitramma and N.B. Naduvinamani137
Recognizability of Iso Triangular Picture LanguageT. Kalyani and V. Devi Rajaselvi147
Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emission by Removing CO2 in Boiler Industry Using Mathematical Modelling and SimulationJ.G.K. Kumar153
Optimizing Reactive Power Distribution Using LR TechniqueS. Maheswari and C. Vijayalakshmi157
Traffic Analysis on Web server Using Queuing ModelP.Akilandeswari, V. Vinothraj and S. KaviKumar166
A Cryptography System for Secure Transmitted ImagesR. Yamini, S.P. Angelin Claret and H. Daphne Sherine174
Optimization of Cost, Productivity and Trading Partner Collaborations Using " Darchou-Neel Ba" Model in Food Malls Supply Chain - An Empirical EvidenceN. Balaji and Y. Lokeswara Choudary180
An Analysis of Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activity of "Dioscorea Bulbifera" - Using TBA and FTC MethodsL. Swarnalatha190
Augmented Petri Nets Generating Irregular English AlphabetsD. Lalitha and K. Rangarajan204
Estimation of Banking Patterns and Service Quality Gaps in Rural Areas using Principal Component Analysis - An Empirical Study of Tiruvallur DistrictY. Lokeswara Choudary213
Viscous Dissipation Effects on a Laminar Free Convection Flow Past an Isothermal Vertical ConeBapuji Pullepu, P. Sambath and R.M. Kannan225
Study of Domination in Jahangir Graph J3,mN. Parvathi and D. Thanga Rajathi234
A Hetrogeneous Traffic Flow Model Based on Cellular AutomataS. Rajeswaran and S. Rajasekaran241
Convergence of Optimization ProblemsK. Jeyalakshmi251
On Edge Magic Labeling of Some GraphsN. ramya, R. Sattanathan and K. rangarajan258
Definition and Basic Operations on BisetsR.T. Panneerselvam and E. Sujatha263
Transient Free Convective Flow over a Vertical Cone Embedded in a thermally Stratified MediumBapuji Pullepu and Y. Immanuel273
A New Approach for Solving multi-Objective Linear Programming Problem with Interval CoefficientsS.Mohanaselvi and K. Ganesan285
On modular Multiplicative Divisor Labeling of Zero Divisor GraphsR. Revathi and R. Rajeswari296
On -Generalized -Continuous Mappings in Topological SpacesN. kalaivani and G. Sai Sundara Krishnan302
Comparison of Dynamic Load Balancing Algorithms in Distributed SystemsM.S. Abirami309
Effects of Pressure Distribution on Squeeze Film Behavior in Porous Transversely Triangular Plates with Couple Stress FluidN. Santhana Krishnan and Sundarammal Kesavan315
Stability and Analysis of mathematical Model on Distributed Denial of ServiceApeksha Prajapati, Ajay Kumar Verma and Bimal Kumar Mishra323
Information and the Dynamics of SEIR E-epidemic Model for the Spreading Behavior of Malicious Objects in Computer NetworkRadha Tamal Goswami, Samir Kumar Pandey and Bimal Kumar Mishra335
Effect of Quarantine on Recovery of Worms in Wireless Sensor NetworkNeha Keshri, Bimal Kumar Mishra and Ajay Kumar Verma344
An Application of the Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping to Study about the Problems Faced by the Sports Students in CollegesS. Dhanasekar and R. Sattanathan354
Oscillatory Stratified Flow between Two Porous PlatesL. Prasanna Venkatesh, S Ganesh and K.B. Naidu361
On Some Characteristics of Fuzzy Number Ranking MethodC. Sudhagar and K. Ganesan373
The Impact of Non-Linear Incidence Rate on SIQRS Model in Computer NetworkAditya Kumar Singh and Bimal Kumar Mishra384
Spread and Control of Worms Using Undirected GraphUpendra Kumar, Bimal kumar Mishra and G. Sahoo394
Author Index401

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Proceedings of the National Conference on Mathematical Techniques and its Applications (NCMTA 2012) 8 9 February 2012

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