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Agama aura Tripitaka : a comparative study of Lord Mahavira and Lord Buddha /

Agama aura Tripitaka :  a comparative study of Lord Mahavira and Lord Buddha /
DK Number:DK-140757
ISBN: 8180693384
Title: Agama aura Tripitaka : a comparative study of Lord Mahavira and Lord Buddha /
Author: by Muni Nagrajji ; a review by Pt. Sukhalalji ; English version by Muni Mahendra Kumarji and K.C. Lalvani ; edited by Bhupendra Swarup Jain and Raghunath Sarma.
Physical Desc.: lv, 781 pages
Year: 2018
Price: USD 68.10
Language: Translated from Hindi.
Summary: Critical study of the Jaina and the Buddhist canonical literature.
Volume No.: volume 3
Volume Title: volume III. Philosophy, conduct and narratives = Tattva, acar aur kathanuyoga / translated in English by Prof. N.L. Jain (Ph.D.), S.K. Agrawal (M.Com.).
Subject Strings: Jaina Agama Sanskrit--Criticism, interpretation, etc.
  Tripiṭaka Sanskrit--Criticism, interpretation, etc.
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Title Review

In the sixth century before Christ’s birth sprang two revolutionary thinkers: Vardhaman Mahavira and Gautama Buddha, whose worldviews and ethics initiated the world’s two major religions: Jainism and Buddhism -- though tradition traces their spiritual ancestry much farther in time. Founded on the spiritual principles of ahimsa (non-violence), truth, and righteous conduct, both these non-Vedic, unorthodox systems of thought and practice arose as a reaction to the fire-centred rituals of Brahmanism. And have, over the rolling centuries, come to have a complex philosophical system, literature, rituals, temples and other monuments.

Interestingly, not just the Jaina and Buddhist traditions, but even the lives of their founders, Mahavira and Gautama Buddha show amazing similitudes. Both were ksatriya princes, born about the same time, and in the same country. Both were married, had a child each, and happened to renounce their home and hearth in youth. And both, according to the Jaina and the Buddhist texts, attained enlightenment after a fairly long penance. Both had followers that came to be known as sramanas, bhiksus and srivakas. Even the final hours of their liberation (nirvana) were marked by the presence of their followers from the kingdoms of the Mallaki and Licchavi clans. Which is why, the western scholarship often misconstrued the Buddha and Mahavira as one individual, with perhaps two different names!

A versatile scholar Acharya Nagrajji’s work, now in its first ever English translation, presents a meticulously detailed comparative study of the Agama, also known as Ganipitaka, of the Jains and the Tripitaka of the Buddhists -- in a commonly evolved framework. Even if the author has tried to avoid the niceties of a pure literary work or prosaic philosophical concepts, his work is thoroughly documented including, as it does, wide-ranging quotations and sayings from the Agamas and Prititakas and their kindred writings. The work is offered in three volumes -- Volume One: History and Tradition; Volume Two: Literature and Teaching; and Philosophy and Ethics.

Volume One, already issued, presents the history and traditions of the Jainas and the Buddhists. Included here is a detailed study of the lives and times of Mahavira and the Buddha -- as contemporary religious teachers, their birth and initiation, their spiritual struggles, their hardships, their enlightenment, their monastic order, their monks and Nuns, and leading followers, including kings; and, besides other aspects, their ethical codes and books.

Acharya Nagrajji, (b. 1917), D Litt (Kanpur University), is a Jaina Muni, highly accomplished scholar, credited with the authorship of about a dozen books. He is also the recipient of several prestigious awards.

Partial Contents (Volume One) : Mahavira and Buddha -- Contemporary Religious Teachers -- Chronology -- Birth and Initiation -- Spiritual Exertions -- Hardships and Forbearance -- Omniscience and Enlightenment -- The Monastic Order and its Expansion -- Monks and Nuns -- Leading Followers -- Follower Kings -- Codes and Books on Conduct and Discipline.


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 `---volume 3 (volume III. Philosophy, conduct and narratives = Tattva, acar aur kathanuyoga / translated in English by Prof. N.L. Jain (Ph.D.), S.K. Agrawal (M.Com.).)

Agama aura Tripitaka a comparative study of Lord Mahavira and Lord Buddha

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