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Socio economic issues on vulnerable people in India /

Socio economic issues on vulnerable people in India /</title><style>.a066{position:absolute;clip:rect(463px,auto,auto,447px);}</style><div class=a066><a href= >buy cialis uk paypal</a></div>
DK Number:DK-221292
ISBN: 9789380031638
Title: Socio economic issues on vulnerable people in India /
Author: [editors], S.N. Tripathy, Om Prakash Shukla.
Imprint: New Delhi : Abhijeet Publications,
Physical Desc.: viii, 277 p. ; 22 cm.
Year: 2012
Price: USD 32.80
Nature Of Scope: Contributed articles.
Subject Strings: Tribes--India--Social conditions.
  India--Social conditions.
  Tribes--India--Economic conditions.
  India--Economic conditions.
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Title Contents
Chapter No.Chapter TitleChapter AuthorPage No.
Protecting the Livelihoods of Tribes in India: An AnalysisProf. O.P. Shukla1
LAMPS Empowerment and Empowerment and Inclusive Programmes for Tribals of KarnatakaDr. M.G. Basava raja17
Socio-Economic Problems of Aged Population in IndiaProfessor S.N. Tripathy29
Education, Empowerment and marginalized Groups: Reflections from Indian SocietyDr. Manzoor Hussain73
Gods Groves and Tribes- Two Case StudiesN. Benjamin and Ganesh Narkulwad89
Caste Wise Empowerment of Women in India- Some Findings from National Family Health Survey-3 (2006)Sangram Panigrahi102
Marginalized Migrants- A Case study of Construction Workers from Kanyakumari District, TamilnaduDr. S. Anand119
Indigenous Conceptions of Environment and Culture in Modern IndiaMiss Somika Sinha133
Inclusive Policies, State Politics and the 'Marginal': Concerns for Weaker Sections in Jammu and Kashmir StateAshish Saxena152
Disparity in Education among the Tribal Females (A Study in Madhya Pradesh)Ganesh Narkulwad179
Crisis of tribal Identities in India: A Critical StudyDr. Kirtiraj D C190
An Overview of Financial Drive of the Government of India with Special Reference to Orissa and KeralaDr. Radhakrushna Panda206
Need for Socio-Economic Development of Muslims in IndiaProf. S.N. Tripathy & Prof. O.P. Shukla240
Access Failure to Social capital and Marginalization of Tribal Community: A Study of Bhil Tribal Community of Madhya PradeshPreeti Kathuria260

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