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The Great Rajputs /

DK Number:DK-120020
ISBN: 8176292265
Title: The Great Rajputs /
Author: edited by S.R. Bakshi and Sri Kant Sharma.
Imprint: New Delhi : Deep & Deep Publications,
Physical Desc.: 6 v. ; 23 cm.
Price: USD 132.45
Volume Title: v. 1. Rajputs, their emergence and heritage -- v. 2. Nobility, society, and administration of Rajputs -- v. 3. Rajputs : legacy, sacrifice, and martyrdom -- v. 4. Jaipur state rulers and their diplomacy -- v. 5. Marwar and its political administration -- v. 6. Mewar rulers and the British.
Subject Strings: Rajput (Indic people)--History.
  Rajasthan (India)--History.
More books by: Bakshi, S. R. (Shiri Ram), 1935-
  Sharma, S. K. (Sri Kant)
  More books on topic: Rajputs
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Title Review

Claiming their origin from the Sun, Moon and Fire, the ruling warrior community of India, popularly known as ''Rajputs'', belong to the Kshatriyas caste among the Hindus. Though the original word ''Rajputra'' finds a mention in the epics Mahabharata and Purana, its changed form ''Rajput'' became a generic denotation in medieval times. Found however in many of the Indian states, their concentration is more in the Rajasthan region where they were the rulers of as many as 18 princely states in British India. Perhaps due to the paramountcy of the Rajputs in this part of the country, the British called it ''Rajputana''. Culled from various published sources, the present set of 6 vols. incorporates encyclopaedic informative material and historical account of this warrior class -- origin, society, traditions, dynasties, achievement, legacy, heritage, and so on. The book also carries vast information related to the political history of Rajputana, the present state of Rajasthan.


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 |  --v. 1 (Rajputs: their emergence and heritage)
 |  --v. 2 (Nobility, society, and administration of Rajputs)
 |  --v. 3 (Rajputs : legacy, sacrifice, and martyrdom)
 |  --v. 4 (Jaipur state rulers and their diplomacy)
 |  --v. 5 (Marwar and its political administration)
 `---v. 6 (Mewar rulers and the British)

The Great Rajputs

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