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Kalhar (white water-lily) : studies in art, iconography, architecture and archaeology of India and Bangladesh : Professor Enamul Haque felicitation volume : the volume is presented on the 70th birthday of Prof. Enamul Haque /

Kalhar (white water-lily) :  studies in art, iconography, architecture and archaeology of India and Bangladesh : Professor Enamul Haque felicitation volume : the volume is presented on the 70th birthday of Prof. Enamul Haque /
DK Number:DK-173692
ISBN: 8174790802
Title: Kalhar (white water-lily) : studies in art, iconography, architecture and archaeology of India and Bangladesh : Professor Enamul Haque felicitation volume : the volume is presented on the 70th birthday of Prof. Enamul Haque /
Author: editors, Gouriswar Bhattacharya ... [et al.].
Imprint: New Delhi : Kaveri Books,
Physical Desc.: xli, 370 p., 76 p. of plates : ill. (some col.), maps ; 29 cm.
Year: 2007
Price: USD 94.65
Summary: Enamul Haque, b. 1936, founder and former Director General of Bangladesh National Museum; contributed articles.
Volume Title: section 1. Archaeology -- section 2. Art and iconography -- section 3. Architecture -- section 4. Epigraphy & numismatics -- section 5. Religion.
Subject Strings: Art, Indic.
  Art, Bangladeshi.
  Idols and images--India.
  Idols and images--Bangladesh.
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  Haque, Enamul, 1936-
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Title Review

The felicitation volume, Kalhar (White Water-lily), honours the contributions of Prof Enamul Haque, a distinguished art historian and cultural activist of Bangladesh. It examines the art, archaeological heritage and architectural wealth of the region of the two Bengals -- Bangladesh and West Bengal -- towards which Prof. Enamul Haque has made significant contributions.

The volume discusses the archaeology, art and iconography, architecture, epigraphy, numismatics and religion of the Bengal region. Experts in the respective fields cover a vast historical canvas -- from the Chalcolithic cultures of early human civilisation to architectural perceptions of Europeans -- and a range of traditions, systems and views to present an all-encompassing treatment of the subject. Referring to a number of excavated sites and objects of Hindu, Buddhist, Mughal and Bengal Sultanate traditions, they survey the social and cultural features of their art and architecture and the influence of these. Jaina Ayagapattas or votive tablets; Visnu images, copper plates and temples of Hindu periods; images of the 28 Buddhas; Mughal paintings and architecture; Bengal Sultanate madrasah architecture and silver coins; and a host of inscriptions and texts of rare significance are all studied with the focus on deciphering the past glory and heritage of the region. It delves into the evolution of specific cultural and art traits in Bengal such as development of the embroidered quilt famous in Bengal. With extensive notes and numerous drawings of plans and tables, the book will be useful for scholars and general readers interested in the history and culture of the Bengal region.

The editors of the volume have authored numerous studies on architecture, iconography, epigraphy and numismatics, and religious traditions in India.


Title Contents
Chapter No.Chapter TitleChapter AuthorPage No.
1Kunor: The village of potters: An archaeo-ethnological studyMandira Bhattacharya3
2Subsistence strategies of the chalcolithic people of Bengal: A case studyAsok Datta9
3A unique burial system of the AhomsS Jamal Hasan16
4History of cattagrama portShahnaj Husne Jahan19
5Wari-Bateshwar and archaeology of BangladeshAbu Iman32
6A preliminary study on amulets and pendants found at Wari-Bateshwar, BangladeshShah Sufi Mostafizur Rahman49
7Buddhist relics and relic-caskets: An archaeological studyMallar Mitra57
8Pre-muslim terracotta ringwell: Excavated remains from MahasthangarhNasir Uddin Mobin61
9Representation of the twenty-eight buddhas of former aeons at BaganEva Allinger73
10The hidden God: Some remarks on Yama and the protectors of the sacred space in Buddhist artClaudine Bautze-Picron81
11A unique Jaina Ayagapatta from lower BengalSudipa Bandypadhyay96
12Vasudeva-Visnu images from Bengal: Development and innovation: Is lotus an essential attribute?Gouriswar Bhattacharya99
13Mughal paintings in the freer art gallery, WashingtonZiyaud-Din A Desai109
14On the semiotic function of trees in early Indian artAdalbert J Gail121
15Transmigration of legends between India and the Hellenistic world: Two casesSuchandra Ghosh124
16Saree: Proud heritagen of the women of South AsiaZulekha Haque127
17Meru, Samavasarana and Simhasana: The recurrence of three-tiered structure sin Jaina cosmology, Mythology and ritualJulia AB Hegewald132
18Representations of Hariti in Bihai-BengalIsabell Johne147
19An attempt at the dating of Shah-Ji-Ki-Dheri CasketSarita Khettry149
20Images of buddhist Goddesses accompanied by Astral DeitiesGerd JR Mevissen154
21On the importance of the Dharmakosa-Samgraha: A little known text on buddhist iconographyShyam Chand Mukherji204
22A pala period peacock Jataka panel in the Norton Simon MuseumPratapaditya Pal213
23Cultural context in Indian art: An introspectionRC Sharma217
24Deccani ceiling panels showing Astadikpalas and Natesa: An analysisCorinna Wessels-Mevissen221
25The Indo-Portuguese quilt and its influence on the Nakshi KanthaNiaz Zaman234
26Hammams of the Mughal period in BangladeshNazimuddin Ahmed239
27Madrasah architecture in sultanate BengalKhoundkar Alamgir246
28Unpublished views of Dhaka by Sir Charles D'Oyly, 7th BaronetJaochim K Bautze252
29The SHmashana temples of Joydevpur in the Ghazipur DistrictNazly Chowdhury259
30Some important aspects of ManarahMuhammad Abdul Qadir264
31Two undeciphered inscriptions of Varendra: An appraisalAKM Yaqub Ali281
32Re-editing the Junwani copper plate inscription of Mahasivagupta Balarjuna, Regional Year 57Susmita Basu Majumdar285
33In search of silver: Southeast Asian sources for the coinage of BengalPranab K Chattopadhyay296
34An ornamented Brahmi inscriptionBN Mukjerjee306
35Madhipur hoard for coppe punch-marked coins in the Indian museum, CalcuttaDolly Mukherjee308
36Some observations on the Ashrafpur plates of DevakhadgaSayantani Pal314
37Silver coins of the Bengal sultans: Designs and artistic motifs (13th-16th century)Sutapa Sinha318
38Nadiabhanga copper plate charter of the time of prthivivigraha-bhattaraka: Year 253Snigdha Tripathy347
39A note on the term smarta and the smarta traditionGudrun Buhnemann357
40Ganga-Kula-TilakaT Nagaswamy365

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Kalhar (white water lily) studies in art iconography architecture and archaeology of India and Bangladesh Professor Enamul Haque felicitation volume the volume is presented on the 70th birthday of Prof. Enamul Haque

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