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Sri Vijnana Bhairava tantra : the ascent /

Sri Vijnana Bhairava tantra :  the ascent /
DK Number:DK-151310
ISBN: 9788186336328
Title: Sri Vijnana Bhairava tantra : the ascent /
Author: Swami Satyasangananda Saraswati ; under the guidance of Swami Satyananda Saraswati.
Imprint: Munger, Bihar, India : Yoga Publications Trust,
Physical Desc.: xvii, 499 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.
Year: 2008 (Reprint)
Price: USD 23.15 (pbk.)
Language: Text of Vijn~a¯nabhairava in Sanskrit (Devanagari and roman); word-by-word meaning, translation, commentary, and introductory matter in English.
Summary: Verses on the yogas based on the tenets of the non-dualistic Śaiva philosophy.
Subject Strings: Yoga.
  Tantras Rudrayāmalatantra Vijñānabhairava--Criticism, interpretation, etc.
  Kashmir Śaivism.
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  Satyasangananda Saraswati, Swami, 1953-
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Title Contents
Chapter No.Chapter TitleChapter AuthorPage No.
Inquiry into the nature of reality
1Rudrayamala and Trika95
2Reality of Bhairava99
3How the Bhairava reality is perceived101
4By what experience this reality is known104
5Transcendent or immanent107
6Indivisible and indefinable109
7Essence of tantra110
8Forms of Bhairava111
9Sakara aspect of Bhairava116
10Purpose of sakara meditation119
11What Bhairava is not121
12Essence of Bhairava123
13What has been told about Bhairava125
14Immeasurable and without attribute127
15Atman of Bhairava129
16Nature of highest reality132
17Bhairava is known by Paradevi134
18Dharma and the possessor of dharma136
19Dualism is a preliminary step138
20Shakti is the face of Shiva140
21Shiva is revealed by Shakti142
22Bhairava state of consciousness144
23Means of achieve Bhairava consciousness146
24Dharana on the two generation points148
25Kumbhaka dharana157
26Perfection of kumbhaka160
27Kumbhaka leads to inner peace163
28Kundalini jagran dharana165
29Piercing of the chakras167
30Kundalini becomes shiva169
31Mind transcends thoughts172
32Shoonya panchaka dharana175
33Mindful awareness178
34Dharna on the crown of the head180
35Shushumna dharana182
36Shanmukhi mudra184
37Dissolution in the cave of the heart186
38Dharana on shabdhabrahman188
39Pranava dharana190
40Dharana on Aum matras193
41Nada dharana195
42Bija mantra dharana197
43Dharana on the directions199
44Sushumna and daharakasha dharana201
45Sushumna, daharakasha and hridayakasha dharana203
46Antarakasha dharana205
47Antarakasha dharana (cont.)207
48Antarakasha dharana (cont.)208
49Dharana on the mantra in the heart space209
50Dharana on dwadashanta210
51Result of dharana on dwadashanta212
52Dharana on Kaalagni214
53Result of dharana on Kaalagni216
54Tattwa dharana218
55Dharana on the indriyas or senses220
56Dharana on universal dissolution222
57Shiva tattwa dharana224
58Vishwa shoonya dharana226
59Dharana on an empty pot228
60Dharna on a deserted place230
61Dharna on the space in between two objects232
62Dharana on one object234
63Dharana on all existence as consciousness236
64Dharana on the fusion of vayus238
65Dharna on ananda240
66Dharana on austerity242
67Dharana on the ascent of pranashakti245
68Dharana on manipur and anahata247
69Dharana on union with shakti249
70Dharana on sexual bliss in the absence of shakti251
71Dharana on joy254
72Dharana on enjoyment of food and drink256
73Dharana on sensual pleasures258
74Dharana on satisfaction of mind260
75Dharana on the threshold before sleep262
76Dharana on the luminous space264
77Dharana on the tantric mudras266
78Dharana on relaxed asana271
79Dharana on shoonya yantra274
80Dharana on an object276
81Dharana on 'Ha'278
82Dharana on suspension of the body280
83Dharana on swinging the body282
84Dharana on the sky284
85Dharana on chidakasha285
86Dharana on reality287
87Dharana on the darkness of night289
88Dharana on the dark form of bhairava292
89Dharana on restraint of the senses294
90Dharana on akaara296
91Dharana on visarga299
92Dharana on oneself in the form of space301
93Dharana on piercing of the skin303
94Dharana on no-mind305
95Dharana on the nature of the elements308
96Dharana on ending desires310
97Dharana on 'Who an I?'312
98Dharana on desire314
99Dharana on knowledge316
100Dharana on undifferentiated consciousness318
101Dharana on negative qualities320
102Dharana on the illusive nature of life323
103Dharana on the middle path325
104Dharana on 'I am everywhere'327
105Dharana on higher knowledge329
106Dharana on subject-object relationship331
107Dharana on consciousness333
108Dharana on the unsupported mind335
109Dharana on identification with Shiva337
110Dharana on identification with the source339
111Dharana on whirling around341
112Dharana on erroneous perception343
113Dharana on steady gazing346
114Dharana on anahad nada349
115Dharana on a deep well351
116Dharana on omnipresent reality353
117Dharana on poornatva355
118Dharana on the state of Brahma357
119Dharana on memories359
120Dharana on unmani361
121Dharana on intuition363
122Dharana on a particular object366
123Dharana on purity367
124Dharana on the non-dual reality369
125Dharana on equality371
126Dharana on between two opposites373
127Dharana on bhairava as the unknowable void375
128Dharana on outer space377
129Dharana on thoughtlessness378
130Dharana on the word bairava380
131Dharana on Tat (that highest reality)383
132Dharana on divine attributes385
133Dharna on the illusory nature of the world386
134Dharana on the changeless atman388
135Neither bondage nor liberation390
136Withdrawl of the senses392
137Dharana on knowledge and knower394
138Dissolution of the set of four396
139Means of cessation398
140Perfection of one dharana400
141Master of yogis and siddhas401
142Liberated while living402
143Who is the worshipper and who is worshipped?403
144Gross forms of worship405
145Japa dharana on the supreme consciousness407
146Verification of meditation409
147True worship410
148Complete fulfilment or satisfaction411
149Real oblation412
150Saviour of all413
151Highest contemplation414
152Real purification416
153What is worship?417
154Supreme place of pilgrimage418
155bHamsa dharana422
156Continuous japa of the breath424
157Need for secrecy425
158Qualification for tantric practice427
159 & 160Tantric initiation429
161Never give up this knowledge431
162Devi's understanding432
163Union of Shiva and Shakti433
A : Sanskrit Text437
B: Translation452

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Sri Vijnana Bhairava tantra the ascent

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