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A comprehensive history of Sri Lanka from prehistory to tsunami /

A comprehensive history of Sri Lanka from prehistory to tsunami /
DK Number:DKSLK-112
ISBN: 9551266137
Title: A comprehensive history of Sri Lanka from prehistory to tsunami /
Author: by Nath Yogasundram.
Edition: 1st ed.
Imprint: Colombo, Sri Lanka : Vijitha Yapa Publications,
Physical Desc.: 375 p. : maps ; 21 cm.
Year: 2006
Price: USD 50.90 (pbk.)
Subject Strings: Sri Lanka--History.
  Sri Lanka--Kings and rulers.
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Title Review

This book provides a detailed source of reference for the main trends in the history of Sri Lanka from prehistoric times to the present. Tracing the origins of the main races and aspects of its South Indian background, it gives a short account of the physical nature of the island and discusses the origins of its names.

Also, it extends elaborate discussion on the important facets of ancient Sinhalese administration, social structure, everyday life and culture in early times. Brief accounts of Sinhalese and Tamil kings under each historical period up to sixteenth century find place in the discussion as well.


Title Contents
Chapter No.Chapter TitleChapter AuthorPage No.
Paleolithic Period; Mesolithic Period;
Neolithic and Chalcolithic Periods; Early Iron Age;
Veddas and Nagas
Sources of Sri Lankan History; Origins;
South Indian background in ancient times;
The Land and its name
Early Settlement Period23
Traditional history; Recent theory;
Epigraphical evidence; A realistic view;
Dravidian influence
Early Settlement Rulers29
Early Anuradhapura Period32
Development of the Sinhalese kingdom;
Weakness in the structure
Early Anuradhapura Rulers41
Administrative structure; Clans and royal succession;
Taxation, grants and service; Irrigation;
Economy and warfare
The Village; Strata; Religion;
Ancient art and architecture;
Language and Literature
Late Anuradhapura Period73
Relationships with other countries; Religious events;
Art and medicine; Collapse of the Lambakarna dynasty;
Sigiriya; Christian kings; A period of dynastic instability
A period of relative stability; Pandyan invasion;
Cola invasions and the downfall of Anuradhapura.
Late Anuradhapura Rulers84
Polonnaruwa Period108
Cola occupation; Restoration of Sinhalese power;
Period of anarchy; An Indian summer;
Collapse of Polonnaruwa; Foreign relatios;
Trade, religion and culture; Demise of Rajarata
Polonnaruwa Rulers118
Fragmentation Period126
Renuciation of Rajarata; Consequences of decline;
A brief resurgence; Trade, religion and culture;
The situation when the Portuguese arrived;
The kingdom of Jaffna.
Fragmentation Period Rulers140
Portuguese Period147
Development of Portugal;
Portuguese intentions in Sri Lanka; Sri Lankan disunity;
Struggle for the Kotte succession;
Portuguese seizure of the Jaffna kingdom;
The volatile kingdom of Sitavaka;
Administration, trade, religion and culture.
Portuguese Perid Rulers174
Dutch Period175
The Dutch in their own country;
Dutch strategy; Dutch policy in Jaffna;
The Kandyan kingdom and the Nayakkars;
Kandyan administation and society;
Dutch administration and its legacy;
Trade and economy;
Society, religion, education, art and literature;
The final chapter of Dutch rule.
Kings of Kandy during Dutch and Birtish Periods207
British Period208
Biritsh background;
British dominance; The final years of the Kandyan kingdom;
Foundations of British colinial rule;
Coffee stimulates the economy; Constitutional stasis
Early constitutional reform; Representative government;
The road to independence;
The cultivation of tea and rubber; peasant agriuculutre;
British administration; The Second World War;
Social change, ethnic and communal awareness;
Education and religion.
The Post- Colonial Period275
A semblance of stability; The opening of Pandora's box;
Confrontation and ecocnomic stress;
The evolution of an autocratic regime;
A free and righteous society?
A vortex of violence; Indo-Sri Lankan Accord;
Massacres and asassinations;
A tactical peace offensive and its aftermath;
Impasse; Scope for limited optimism;
Reluctant negotiations;
Tsunami, a disaster beyond belief

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A comprehensive history of Sri Lanka from prehistory to tsunami

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