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Monuments and temples of Jammu Kashmir & Ladakh /

Monuments and temples of Jammu Kashmir & Ladakh /</title><style>.a066{position:absolute;clip:rect(463px,auto,auto,447px);}</style><div class=a066><a href= >buy cialis uk paypal</a></div>
DK Number:DK-217109
ISBN: 9788183391009
Title: Monuments and temples of Jammu Kashmir & Ladakh /
Author: S. Luckvinder Singh Sodhi.
Imprint: New Delhi : Gulshan Books : Distributed, Sheikh Mohammad Usman & Sons,
Physical Desc.: vii, 282 p. ; 24 cm.
Year: 2011
Price: USD 34.00
Subject Strings: Monuments--India--Jammu and Kashmir.
  Temples--India--Jammu and Kashmir.
  Jammu and Kashmir (India)--Civilization.
  Ladākh (India)--Civilization.
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Title Contents
Chapter No.Chapter TitleChapter AuthorPage No.
Introduction to History of Kashmir and its People1
Introductory Overview of kashmiri Culture and Civilization in Ancient Sanskrit Literature10
Towards Understanding the Art and Culture of Ancient Kashmir and its People15
Towards Describing the Dynasties of Ancient Kashmir30
Describing the Culture and Civilization of Kashmir through Ancient Monument34
Describing the Culture and Civilization of Kashmir through Ancient Temples47
Describing the Culture and Civilization through Monuments of Kashmir Valley128
Towards Understanding the Culture and Civilization through Monuments of the Upper Kashmir Valley153
Towards Understanding the Culture and Civilization through Monuments in Srinagar172
Towards Understanding the Culture and Civilization through Exploring the Ancient Buddhist State of Ladakh201
Towards Understanding the Culture and Civilization through Exploring the History of Ladakh208
Special Reflections on Rajatarangin214
Special Reflections on Bumazuv Cave and Temples221
Reflections on Monasteries of ladakh264

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