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Biodiversity characterisation at landscape level in northern plains using satellite remote sensing & geographic information system.

Biodiversity characterisation at landscape level in northern plains using satellite remote sensing & geographic information system.
DK Number:DK-217736
ISBN: 978812118065
Title: Biodiversity characterisation at landscape level in northern plains using satellite remote sensing & geographic information system.
Author: India, Indian Institute of Remote Sensing
Imprint: Dehra Dun : Indian Institute of Remote Sensing : Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh,
Physical Desc.: xix, 303 p. : ill. (chiefly col.), maps (chiefly col.) ; 29 cm.
Year: 2011
Price: USD 144.70
Subject Strings: Biodiversity conservation--Gangetic Plain (India and Bangladesh)--Remote sensing.
  Landscape ecology--Gangetic Plain (India and Bangladesh)--Remote sensing.
  Biodiversity conservation--Geographic information systems--Gangetic Plain (India and Bangladesh)
  Landscape ecology--Geographic information systems--Gangetic Plain (India and Bangladesh)
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Title Review

'Biodiversity characterisation at landscape level using satellite remote sensing and GIS techniques' is a major national initiative of the Dept. of Space and Dept. of Biotechnology, Govt. of India, towards prioritization of bioprospecting and conservation efforts. Studies conduced under the project across different states/regions of the country have generated vegetation type maps, spatial disturbance regimes and biological richness maps. The database generated has been used for preparation of working plan, identification of protected areas, prioritized sites for detailed analysis and several other applications by different users.

The present volume is a detailed report of the abovesaid project and its findings pertaining to the Northern Plains, covering the states of Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Delhi, and parts of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. It provides location specific inventory for various plant species of the study area and highlights the status of rare/endangeredd/threatened species. The study observes that the land use and vegetation cover in the region is mostly influenced by the human disturbance and some parts of it show high biodiversity variations.


Title Contents
Chapter No.Chapter TitleChapter AuthorPage No.
1.1 Bioprospecting4
1.2 Protected Area Concept in Biodiversity Conservation6
1.3 Global Initiatives for Biodiversity Assessment7
Biodiversity Assessment : Initiatives in India8
Measuring Biodiversity11
Landscape Ecology15
3.1 Landscape Description16
3.2 Patch Description17
3.3 Disturbance vis-a-vis Biodiversity21
3.4 Biodiversity Conservation Planning at Landscape Level21
Satellite Remote Sensing23
4.1 Remote Sensing and Biodiversity24
Project background and objectives33
6.1 Project Background33
6.2 Objectives33
6.3. Project Different Phases33
6.4 Phase-1 and Phase-II studies34
6.5 End Use35
6.6 Phase-III study35
Study area39
8.1 Northern Plains39
Materials and Methods41
9.1 Data41
9.2 Vegetation Classification Scheme47
9.3 On-screen Visual Interpretation of Satellite data47
9.4 Sampling strategy49
9.5 Measurement Approach53
9.6 Digitization of District Boundaries and Masks55
9.7 Phytosociological Analysis55
9.8 Economic Valuation of Species56
9.9 Database Organization56
9.10 Landscape Analysis57
9.11 Environmental and Habitat Attributes63
State Wise Report69
10.0 Introduction69
10.1 Punjab and Chandigarh69
10.1.1 About Punjab and Chandigarh69
10.1.2 Vegetation mapping73
10.1.3 Observation highlights74
10.1.4 Landscape Mapping82
10.1.5 Salient Observations86
10.1.6 Discussion and Conclusion89
10.2 Haryana90
10.2.1 About Haryana90
10.2.2 Vegetation Mapping91
10.2.3 Observation Highlights94
10.2.4 Landscape Mapping98
10.2.5 Discussion and Conclusion103
10.3 Delhi105
10.3.1 About Delhi105
10.3.2 Vegetation Mapping105
10.3.4 Landscape Mapping111
10.3.5 Salient Observations117
10.3.6 Discussion and Conclusion117
10.4 Uttar Pradesh (except Vindhyan district)118
10.4.1 About Uttar Pradesh (except Vindhyan districts)118
10.4.2 Vegetation Mapping119
10.4.3 Observation Highlights122
10.4.4 Landscape Mapping128
10.5 Bihar134
10.5.1 About Bihar134
10.5.2 Vegetation Mapping136
10.5.3 Observation Highlights139
10.5.4 Landscape Mapping145
10.5.5 Salient Observation152
10.5.6 Discussion and Conclusion152
Northern Plains155
11.0 Introduction155
11.1 Fragmentation160
11.2 Disturbance Index162
11.3 Biological Richness164
11.4 Conclusion166

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Biodiversity characterisation at landscape level in northern plains using satellite remote sensing & geographic information system.

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