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   Ordering/Payment Procedures, & Enquiries


All DK's customers, large or small, are DK's customers alike -- because we give everyone the same close, personal attention and polite service. Rather bringing large-scale efficiency to small-scale orders, we value your order -- whether it is for one single item or hundreds of them -- with equal esteem, equal promptness. At DK, what really matters is the perfection of our own services, not the size of your orders.

We follow all your ordering instructions meticulously. Details of the ordering procedures are given under the following sub-headings:
- Books/Monographs
- Journals/Serials
- Continuations/Multi-volume Works
- Modes of Ordering

- DK would welcome orders for any Indian publications, whether it has been chosen from our online database(booksearch), lists, catalogues or any other source.
- We also accept orders in BISAC (through email), slip and list formats.
- Your orders may carry details about Author, Title, Publisher, Edition, Year of Publication, Price, Binding Status, and Mode of Shipment.
- Items picked up from our catalogues/lists may be ordered by DK-Number. This number will not only bring about instant identification of item(s) but will facilitate its speedy processing as well. In such cases, do please take the trouble of indicating our Bibliographic Media reference as well in order to enable DK to evaluate the usefulness of the same.
- Ordering by ISBN is also welcome.


- DK handle subscriptions for a particular period of an Indian periodical/newspaper on an automatic renewal/till-forbidden basis.
- Orders should carry details such as title, subscription period, new or renewal, delivery address (if different from billing), mode of shipment and ISSN, if available.
Click here for more details about Subscription Services

- DK can supply complete back-sets of Indian periodicals, or even stray issues to fill gaps in the holdings
- Orders should carry necessary details.

Continuations/Multi-Volume Works

Standing orders may be placed, indicating the required volumes/numbers, in respect of:
- Advances
- Annuals/Yearbooks
- International/National Congress/Conference Publications
- Multi-volume Works in Progress
- Series Publications
- Census of Indian Publications
Press here for more details about continuation services

Modes of Ordering

Orders accepted by :
Mail addressed to :D.K. Agencies (P) Ltd.
A/15-17 Mohan Garden
Najafgarh Road
New Delhi - 110 059 (India)
Fax :+91-11-2535 7103
+1-718-679-9351 (USA)
E-mail orders) enquiries)
Web :

Should you wish to place any order for Indian Publication(s) using our printed Order Form, you are welcome to do so. Do please indicate shipment/supply mode, for each order or alternatively give a standing instruction.


We submit price details and/or proforma invoice, if desired.

Also search and offer back-volumes/invoices of Indian periodicals as well as rare and out-of-print books. Want-lists welcome.

Sample copies of Indian periodicals are supplied free of charges, as and when asked for.


All our bibliographic media show against each items our international prices in US Dollars. Postage, packing and forwarding charges are extra, as usual. Subscription prices, however, include postage by surface mail.

In case the publisher revises (downward or upward) the price of an item, we correspondingly charge the revised price, while invoicing, though our catalogue/list may have shown the "originally different" price.

Prices keep changing due to fluctuations in currency exchange rates also.


DK offer a broad and flexible range of invoice options tailored to meet the individual customer's requirements. On your asking, our invoices may be sequenced by library order number, by author, or in alpha-numeric sequence for order numbers prefixed by fund or location codes.

Invoices (in triplicate, unless asked for otherwise) are sent by air mail irrespective of the mode of shipment/supply.

For books, monographs, continuations and backsets invoices from DK generally bear the same date as that of the shipment. So, please allow sufficient time for the material to arrive according to the indicated mode of shipment/supply. Supplying material in open account is purely at the discretion of DK.

Since subscriptions to periodicals are always payable in advance, we draw proforma invoices in September/October for subsequent year's subscriptions of regular periodicals and in the month of May for behind the schedule ones. See Subscription Services for more details.

And, finally, for your convenience, invoices can be expressed in US Dollars, Sterling Pounds or Deutschemarks, while you may only have to express your preference!

SHIPMENT/SUPPLY - modes & packaging

Modes :
- DHL Courier
  • Varying costs depending on the weight and destinations.
  • Door delivered by the relevant courier.
  • Approximate Transit Time : 5-7 days.
- EMS Speed Post
  • Varying costs depending on the weight and destinations.
  • Door delivered by the relevant courier.
  • Approximate Transit Time : 5-12 days.
- Air Mail Book-Packets (Registered)
  • Maximum weight 2 kilograms (approx. 4.5 pounds)
  • Open for inspection in transit
  • Door delivered by Post Office
  • Approximate Transit Time : 2-3 weeks
- Air Mail Parcel
  • Varying costs depending on the weight and destinations
  • Door delivered by Post Office
  • Approximate Transit time : 2-3 weeks.
- Surface Air Lift (SAL) Book-Packets (Registered)
  • Service available only for Germany, Singapore, UK and USA at present
  • Maximum weight 2 kilograms (approx. 4.5 pounds)
  • Open for inspection
  • Door delivered by Post Office
  • Approximate Transit time : 4-6 weeks
- SAL Parcel
  • Varying costs depending on the weight and destinations
  • Door delivered by Post Office
  • Approximate Transit Time : 4-6 weeks.
- Air Freight
  • Service available from New Delhi Airport to the nearest International Airport of destinations.
  • Requires clearance through Customs at both ends
  • No weight limit but not advisable for less than 100 kilograms.
  • Normally packed in cartons each weighing around 20 kilograms.
  • Cost vary according to the airport of destination
  • Approximate Transit Time : About 7 days after customs clearance in India.
- Sea Freight
  • Service available from one of the Indian ports to the nearest of port of destination.
  • Requires clearance through Customs at both ends.
  • No weight limit but not advisable for less than 500 kilograms.
  • Normally packed in wooden crates and even cartons.
  • Costs vary but charged by cubic metres.
  • Approximate Transit Time : 2-3 months after issuance of the Bill of Lading.
Note: Transit time indicated against each mode of supply is based on our experience over the years, but may vary with each shipment.

Packaging :
- Each item is checked to identify any physical deformities before shipment.
- Utmost care is taken in the packing of each packet/carton to enable it to withstand several handlings during its transit across the continents.


   Please airmail personal AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR , BRITISH POUND, EURO or US DOLLAR CHEQUES payable anywhere in AUSTRALIA, U.K., EUROPE or USA respectively favouring "D.K. AGENCIES (P) LTD." to our New Delhi address.

   Airmail Bank cheques/drafts in AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR , BRITISH POUND, EURO or US DOLLAR CHEQUES drawn on any bank in AUSTRALIA, U.K., EUROPE or USA respectively favouring "D.K. AGENCIES (P) LTD." to our New Delhi address.

   If you wish to send the payment through Mail Transfer, you may send the payment using one of the following options :

AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS PaymentsThese swift addresses and Account Numbers belong to our bank,

The Axis Bank Ltd, Mumbai
for onward transmission to their
Rajouri Garden Branch, NewDelhi-110027

Ultimate Beneficiary Account No.: 696010200000259

For credit to:
D.K. Agencies (P) Ltd.
A/15-17, D.K. Avenue,
Mohan Garden,Najafgarh Road,
NEW DELHI – 110059

 J P Morgan Chase Bank, Sydney
Swift Address: CHASAU2X
Account No.: 010039558
 J P Morgan Chase Bank
Swift Address: CHASGB2L
Sort Code : 60-92-42

Account No.: 0011131588
EURO Payments
 J P Morgan A.G., Frankfurt
Swift Address: CHASDEFX
IBAN Code:DE81501108006231605392

Account No.: 623-16-05392
 J P Morgan Chase Bank
Swift Address: CHASUS33
Chips ABA :0002
Fed Routing No: 021000021

Account No.: 001-1-407376
IMPORTANT :  1. Bank Charges: Bank Charges at the remitter’s end have to be borne by the remitter, i.e. the final amount specified on the invoice must reach us / our bank.

2. Please inform us as and when you send the instructions to your bank for payment. Please state clearly the total value of the MT along with the date of instruction. Please also state our invoice nos. & date. Above information will enable us to co-relate the MT when we receive information from our bank.


Send an AUTHORIZATION favouring "D.K. AGENCIES (P) LTD." with the following details :
  1. Credit card number
  2. CVV / CVC number
  3. Name of the card-holder as on the card
  4. Expiry/Validity date of the card
  5. Name of issuing bank
  6. Amount to be charged
  7. our invoice number(s).

If you are sending credit card details by email, please bifurcate the same in 2-3 emails so as to ensure security. We do not accept payments through Debit Cards.
Important :
  1. Please indicate our INVOICE NUMBER(S) invariably, while remitting. Inform us about your remittance details by fax +91-11-25357103 (India) or +1-718-679-9351 (USA) or by email to
  2. Kindly avoid sending money through the Post Office
  3. For any confusion/query on this payment options, please write to


Order cancellation may be accepted by DK in most of the cases, if your cancellation advice reaches us prior to supply of the material. For subscriptions, credits for the cancelled titles can be given to the customer after the publisher refunds the money for the cancelled item to DK.


Each order reaching DK is first recorded under an appropriate system and then processed for procurement/supply, thus leaving no chances of an order remaining unattended. We monitor all outstanding orders at regular intervals. If your ordered items are late in arriving, we intensify our procurement effort -- letting it up only when the customer cancels the same or the publisher informs of its non-availability due to any reason, in which case the customer is duly informed.

Even though we hold huge databases of titles, authors and publishers, at times we may fail to locate the publication information about any of your ordered items. In such cases, we may have to trouble the customer for more particulars on that item.

With the kind of services we give, there are barest minimal chances of your ordered item (whether a subscription periodical or a book/monograph) going astray in its transit -- because we send all material to the clients by 'Registered Post' and that too after we ourselves have procured, checked and re-packed it.

Still, if a situation arises in which case you have to claim an ordered item, DK attend to your claims promptly. All claims whether for periodical subscriptions, books/monographs, continuations or back-volumes are responded to immediately with the latest status indications, including the shipment details if the item in question is already in transit. We, of course, expect our customers to allow a sufficient time-margin before claiming an item in view of the procurement efforts involved and international delivery constraints.


Should you wish to return any book(s), ordered in error, please ask for our 'Authorisation to Return' memo.


If a change in your address is warranted, we would like to have -- at the earliest, your new address together with details of the old. It is a logical necessity for our recurring transactions with you. And, importantly, we incorporate these changes in our office records without any delay. Should there be any need for a change in any of your shipping/invoicing instructions, we would welcome you to write to us about the same.


Disputes, if any, will be subject to Delhi (India) Jurisdiction only.

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