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A globally trusted and the largest INFO-BASE of Indian Books

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A short introduction
  • DK are a top ranking Indian bookhouse serving a global clientele since 1968 -- with vastly different needs and acquisition profiles.
  • DK attend to your orders with the greatest speed and to your problems with real concern.
  • DK have an unmatched potential to procure for you any title, on any subject from anywhere in India published in English, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Hindi and other vernaculars.


  • Indian book industry is today a giant. It produces every year about 7,000 books in English language alone, besides many-times-more modern Indian languages' publications.
     - DK's search/selection mechanisms identify even the most obscure title or the obscurest of publishers because their motivated "Selection Division" is always on its toes tracking down the newest of books/monographs
  • their specifically-created cell monitors all scholarly events and their proceedings
  • their continually updated database is almost an exhaustive source of information on all current/in-print titles.
 - DK's specialised procurement efforts fulfil over 95% of the ordered items whether
  • published by private publishing houses, government (central, state, local), research institutions, learned bodies, or even individuals.
  • high-priced, very low-priced or even unpriced
Thanks to our rigorous follow-up system!

 - Cataloguing services managed by professional librarians set afloat bibliographic data on Indian publications, generating specially
  • holistic Authority Databases
  • MARC records-- following the current AACR-2, with Library of Congress Subject Headings

    And thus, enabling our clients to use the same for 'Copy Cataloguing' without any additional overheads.
  • Unit Catalogue Cards also available
 - Catalogues even Unpriced publications -- for their cost-free supply.

for Indian Publications in English, Sanskrit and Tibetan
  • is looked after by subject specialists and trained professionals
  • has, at its base, our exhaustive research sweep, + live cataloguing among other vital components
  • smooths ever-recurring problems of selecting, ordering, and even missing books. And simultaneously smoothens the passage of your acquisitions from any part of the Indian subcontinent
  • brings about speedy comprehensiveness of your Indian acquisitions.
  • turns several processing costs into extra publications -- helping you, as it does, cut down efforts on never-ending selections, ordering, follow-ups, cataloguing and the like
  • gives you "10% Special Discount" which, together with the savings on processing costs, literally expands your budget. And that, of course, in very real terms
This service has, for over two decades now, fascinated overseas libraries of every description: libraries with challenging Acquisition Profiles -- which we, needless to say, have coped with splendidly!

India, with its vast academic and research institutional base, produces several thousand periodicals/serials/continuations of scholarly interest quite like books and monographs. - Our selection team keeps track of any new periodical title from a variety of sources. And we come to know of new volumes of continuations based on our arrangements with the publishers.

 - Subscription services offered by DK are today rated as the best in the Indian subcontinent because they
  • inhere automatic renewals of your subscriptions
  • ensure the highest level of periodicals' in-transit safety, mailing each subscribed issue by registered post
  • pay unflinching attention to claims for missing issues, without involving you in the attendant problems
  • keep a vigorous time-schedule for invoicing, keeping supplementary invoices to a minimum
  • attend to big and small orders alike, rather applying their large-scale efficiency to even small-scale subscriptions
  • expand the buying power of your acquisition budget helping you, as they do, rid of clerical work
  • sustain promptness, politeness and meticulous attention

fastening very very few demands upon their customers' time and convenience.

DK's Back-volumes Supply Services
  • have the support of our own huge, continually-replenished stock of Indian periodicals
  • fulfil worldwide orders for both long range and single, stray issues/volumes
  • may reach you rare, long out-of-print Indian periodicals/serials -- of enormous research value
Our Continuations Services are supported by an updated record-keeping and follow-up system that assure their regular supply of
  • Advances
  • Annuals/Yearbooks
  • International/National Congresses/Conferences Publications
  • Multi-volume works in Progress
  • Series Publications
  • Census Publications

We offer Indian CDROMS, Microfilms/Microfiche, Videos and Audios.

Our bibliographic media, the end product of DK's professional librarians, include a variety of listings, catalogues, bulletins, selectors' guides and news and reviews on Indian publications. These

 - stem, not from borrowed data, but from the 'live cataloguing' of our own all-inclusive acquisitions
 - are produced on varied subjects and themes
 - are brought out on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual and biennial basis to suit every need
 - index India's publishing scenario, in faithful conformity with AACR-2, with Library of Congress Subject Headings
 - stay without a rival in the Indian subcontinent: for both their coverage and authenticity

And, then

 - these are offered free of charge to anyone asking for them!

 - DK pay meticulous attention to all your ordering/payment instructions, regardless of their size or value
 - DK welcome orders/enquiries for any Indian publication (Books/Monographs, periodicals/serials, continuations) whether picked-up from our bibliographic media or any other source
 - Modes of ordering are mail, fax and email
 - Flexible invoice options available. Invoices are drawn in US$/Stg.Pd/DM, though our catalogues show only, US$ prices
 - Choose any of the following modes of shipment/supply :
  • Surface Mail Book-Packets (Registered)
  • Airmail Book-packets (Registered)
  • Surface Airlift (SAL) Book-packets (Registered)
  • Bulk Bags (Surface Mail and Surface Airlift)
  • Airfreight
  • Seafreight
  • EMS Speed Post/DHL Courier
 - Payments accepted through
  • Personal cheques (payable in USA)
  • Banker's cheques/drafts (payable in Germany, UK, USA)
  • Major credit cards
  • UNESCO Coupons
  • Directly to our bank account (Inter-bank transfer)
Note : No postal money orders, please.

 - Claims & reporting are always given utmost priority.


We publish scholarly, research oriented manuscripts on South Asia. Also undertake quality printing jobs.

Virtually Your Extension :

Our staff, consisting of well-trained librarians with years of experience, have a thorough perception of library acquisitions. And precisely from the librarians' point of view. In effect, they are a virtual extension of your own library staff. Which, in turn, means that DK help libraries conserve staff, time and money through, of course, the use of our personnel and extensive facilities.

Our these facilities, together with our distinguishing organizational structure, have not only been recognized far and near, but have also established DK's reputation among the world's leading libraries.
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