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Veterinary nutrition and health /

Veterinary nutrition and health /</title><style>.a066{position:absolute;clip:rect(463px,auto,auto,447px);}</style><div class=a066><a href= >buy cialis uk paypal</a></div>
DK Number:DK-218974
ISBN: 9789381226063
Title: Veterinary nutrition and health /
Author: editors, S.P. Tiwari and P.K. Sanyal.
Imprint: Delhi : Satish Serial Pub. House,
Physical Desc.: xi, 723 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
Year: c2012
Price: USD 83.60
Summary: Proceedings of the Symposium of Indian Academy of Veterinary Nutrition and Animal Welfare, held at Anjora during 24-25 September 2011.
Subject Strings: Animal nutrition--Congresses.
  Animal health--Congresses.
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Title Contents
Chapter No.Chapter TitleChapter AuthorPage No.
1Need of Discovering Traditional Bhartiya Livestock Management Systems for Fruitful Application of Science of Nutrition for Health and Sustained ProductionNityanand Pathak1-9
2Livestock, Poultry and Fodder Development in Chhattisgarh: Opportunities and ChallengesS.K. Pandey11-31
3Evolution of Poultry Sector in India through Policy and PlanningP.K. Shukla33-48
4Agro-Ecological Approach of Veterinary Nutrition for Sustainable Livestock ProductionP.K. Shukla49-63
5Applications Abuses and Alternatives to AntibioticsS.S. Sikka65-106
6Recent Development in Microbial Degradation of Tannis in Rumer and their Effect on Animal and Human HealthS.N. Rai107-120
7Influence of Nutrition on Bovine ReproductionAnkita Killedar121-136
8Nutritional Aspect of Fertility in Peripartum Diary CowsR.P. Tiwari137-161
9Meat Production, Export Potential, Policy and Quality ConcernsM.K. Agnihotri163-175
10Micronutrients as Immunonodulator in PoultryR.P.S. Baghel177-197
11Breeding Policy and Action Plan for the Genetic Improvement of Cattle and Buffaloes of ChhattisgarhMohan Singh199-205
12Business Ventures for Youth in Livestock SectorRupasi Tiwari207-229
13Role of Dietary Antioxidants on Performance and Self Life of Meat with Special Reference to BroilerM.V. Dhumal231-248
14Prosepcts of Integrated Helmith Parasite Management in Dairy Animals in India using Medicated Urea Molasses Block TechnologyP.K. Sanyal249-255
15Strategic Feed Supplements for Health and Production of LivestockUsha R. Mehra257-269
16Designing Poultry Meat and Eggs through Dietary ApproachesA.B. Mandal271-282
17Methane Mitigation in Response to Climate ChangeS.P. Tiwari283-302
18Nutrition in Relation to Yak ProductionK.K. Baruah303-309
19Climatic Stress and Mitigation Strategies in Dairy AnimalsU.K. Mishra311-324
20Implications of Nutritional Regimen on Urolithiasis Pathophysiology in Ruminants and its Dietary ManagementR.K. Sharma325-336
21Surgical and Dietary Management of Obstructive Urolithiasis in Small RuminantsS.K. Tiwari337-348
22Physiology of Stress & Its Implications in PoultryO.P. Mishra349-358
23Current Status of Animal Welfare in IndiaM. Hoque359-367
24Role of Trace Mineral in Immune FunctionR. Singh369-381
25Importance of Antioxidant Vitamins on Immunity and Health of AnimalsN. Panda383-392
26Veterinary Nutrition for Animal Welfare in Feed Deficit SituationJ.P Srivastava393-404
27Bio hydrogenation of Unsaturated Fatty Acids by Rumen Microorganisms: Conjugated Linoleic AcidD.N. Kamra405-416
28Emerging Zoonoses and Pathogens of Public Health Significance - An OverviewSanjay Shkya417-436
29Feeding of Genetically Modified Crops in PoultryPraveen Kumar Tyagi437-449
30Role of Herbal Nutraceuticals in Enhancing Growth Performance, Production and Reproduction in Animals...M.J. Saxena451-459
31Various Methods of Crop Residues Improvement and Strategic Supplementation of Deficit Nutrients for Improving Health and Production of RuminantsPutan Singh461-484
32Effect of Processing Fibrous Agriculutre Residue based Complete Diets on the Performance of RuminantsY. Ramana485-493
33Approaches in Diseases Investigation and OutbreakDinesh Chandra495-503
34Canine Dermatitis and its Therapeutical ManagementSushovan Roy505-511
35Genomic Selection and its Application for Cattle ImprovementG.K. Gaur513-524
36Emerging Challenges and Opportunities in Livestock Production in IndiaV.B. Chaturvedi525-534
37Feeding Strategies of Livestock in Arid Agro-Ecosystem of IndiaB.K. Mathur535-550
38Exogenous Fibrolytic Enzymes as Feed Additives in RuminantsD. Nagalakshmi551-568
39Bio-Availability of Minerals in Livestock Feeds and Feed SupplementsJ.V. Ramana569-584
40Enzyme Addition in Ruminant RationS.V. Deshmukh585-596
41Nutrional Management of Sick DogsS.P. Tiwari597-620
42Poultry Production in India: Opportunities and ChallengesA.K. Panda621-629
43Dietary Modifications for Addition of Functionality in Meat and Poultry by Conjugated Linoleic Acid EnrichmentV.K. Paswan631-638
44Organic Livestock Farming: Opportunities and ConstraintsVishnu Sharma639-645
45Rural Livestock Production System: Constraints and Opportunities for Economic Sustainability in North Eastern Region of IndiaR.J. Kukde647-656
46Precision Animal Nutrition for Efficient and Economical Milk ProductionD.V. Reddy657-668
47Estimation of Microbial Protein Supply to Ruminants Based on Urinary Excretion of Purine Derivatives: Prospects and LimitationsA.K. Verma669-672
48Clinical Nutrition Approaches for Health and Welfare of Ruminants under Tropical ConditionsA.K. Pattanaik673-683
49Nutritional Strategies to Mitigated Methane from Ruminants with Special Reference to Enhancement of Reductive AcetogenesisNisha Jha685-705
50Feeding Strategies to Maintain Livestock Productivity during Natural CalamitiesM.P.S. Bakshi707-723

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