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Topical problems in solid and fluid mechanics /

Topical problems in solid and fluid mechanics /
DK Number:DK-214619
ISBN: 8188901431
Title: Topical problems in solid and fluid mechanics /
Author: editors, A.V. Manzhirov, N.K. Gupta, D.A. Indeitsev.
Imprint: New Delhi : Elite Pub. House,
Physical Desc.: x, 411 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
Year: c2011
Price: USD 87.00 (pbk.)
Summary: Papers presented at the Workshop on Topical Problems in Solid and Fluid Mechanics, held at St. Petersburg during 1-5 July 2011.
Subject Strings: Mechanics, Analytic--Congresses.
  Fluid mechanics--Congresses.
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Title Contents
Chapter No.Chapter TitleChapter AuthorPage No.
On Collapse Modes in Thin Walled StructuresN.K. Gupta1
A Circular Hole in an Elastic Material at the NanoscaleM.A. Grekov, N.F. Morozov12
Growth of Delamination in the Localization of OscillationsA.K. Abramyan, D.A. Indeitsev and B.N. Semenov19
Wave Propagation Studies in Carbon Nanaotubes Using Different Continuum ModelsS. Gopalakrishnan31
Effect of Surface roughness in Visco-elastohydrodynamic Line ContactP.P. Usov and I.G. Goryacheva53
Residual Stresses in Growing BodiesA.V. Manzhirov, S.A. Lychev66
Strength and Deformation behavior jointed Rockmass under Polyaxial stress StateK.S. Rao80
The decomposition of Non-stationary stress-strain state of thin shells of revolution under shock edge normal loadingL.Yu. Kossovich and I.V. Kirillova102
Propagation and Interaction of Nonlinear radiative-Magnetogasdynamic WavesR. Radha and V.D. Sharma111
Oblique impact of Ductile targets by varying node shaped projectilesM.A. Iqbal and N.K. Gupta129
Effect of drop shape on Partial CoalescenceG. Biswas, B. Ray and A. Sharma140
Predicting the behaviors of Thin-walled steel double-hat sections under axial impact loadingA. Deb and N.K. Gupta146
Numerical analysis of Coaxial Cylindrical shells Conveying fluidS.A. Bochkarev and V.P. Matveenko160
Fully coupled nonlinear dynamic Response of Spar Offshore oil Platform under random loadsS. Ahmad178
Dynamic analysis of Bimodular laminated cylindrical PanelsK. Khan, B.P. Patel and Y. Nath194
Flow analysis using CFD: intake ducts and flow metersS.N. Singh207
To the Problem of Estimate of deformed State of areas with BreaksV.A. Babeshko, O.V. Evdokimova, O.M. Babeshko229
Evolution of Plastic Properties and Defect Structure of the Metals due to the influence of Thermoelectrical actionV.N. Kukudzhanov240
Ballistic limit of Single, layered and spaced targetsM.A. Iqbal, V.S. Deore250
Prediction of Non-local scaling Parameter in carbon nanotubes based wave propagation responsesS. Gopalakrishnan261
On the equlibrium of Accreted PlatesA.V. Manzhirov294
Crystal Interlocking effects on the strength of brittle rocksK.S. Rao301
Non-stationary waves in thin walled bodies at shock loading: Asymptotic approachN.S. Anofrikova, I.V. Kirillova318
Enhancement of Heat transfer using different variants of Vortex GeneratorsG. Biswas and A. Sinha345
A Hybrid methodology for the Design of Wheel Bearing under Extreme road LoadsA. Deb, M. Mahala and N.K. Gupta354
Effect of Evolving stiffness degradation on static Response of Laminated Composite PlatesA.K. Gupta, B.P. Patel368
Probabilistic analysis of Composite plate under low Velocity impactS. Ahmad and N.K. Gupta379
Design of Pipelines for wet Disposal of Coal ashS.N. Singh and V. Seshadri394

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Topical problems in solid and fluid mechanics

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